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Amit Gupta (amitgupta7) – BBJ winner 25/08/17 & 27/08/17

Thanya📁articles🕔04.September 2017
Amit Gupta (amitgupta7) – BBJ winner 25/08/17 & 27/08/17


Khelo365’s famous Bad Beat Jackpot is currently LIVE and many are claiming the spoils for themselves. And with a staggering 1 Crore available per month in the BBJ prize pool, we can say that we aren’t surprised at the amount of winnings some of our players have been walking away with! We, at Khelo365 would like to wish Good Luck, or should we say Bad Luck to our players on our BBJ tables – with Khelo365 getting Bad Beat is something to look forward to!

They say that lightning does not strike twice, but that is simply not true for our TWO-TIME BBJ winner Mr. Amit Gupta a.k.a. amitgupta7, who won our BBJ, not once but twice in the span of just 2 days. We would like to congratulate amitgupta7 on pulling a miracle. We would also highly recommend that he go out and buy a lottery ticket right now!

On the 25thof August, amitgupta7 was able to walk away with a superb Rs. 98,804. He had Full-House “Jacks full of 10’s” and was Bad Beat by his opponent, DarkPoker, who had a stronger full-House “10’s full of Queens”. That feeling must have stung for a second, until he realized he had won almost 1 Lakh from our BBJ prize pool!

Just two days later, amitgupta7 walked away with Rs. 91,350 from our BBJ tables. This time, he had another Full-House, that was beat by yet another, stronger Full-House. Amitgupta7 had “5’s full or 3’s”, while his opponent, TamilGuy, had “Aces full of 3’s”. Ouch. Two full house Bad Beats in two days. What are the odds?

Either way, amitgupta7 was kind enough to give us an interview on his experience with Khelo365 and how the BBJ affected him and his outlook on poker. Check out the interview below.


How did you find out about Khelo365 and why did you choose to play with us?

It has been almost a year since I started playing poker, initially I started learning and playing poker on Spartan Poker website, later I was searching for a betterOnline Poker Site. I came to know about Khelo365 so I tried it, and I felt very comfortable about Khelo365’s service and promotions. Khelo365 a variety of Freerolls, tournaments and cash games, which is the perfect place to play online poker safely.

Please describe what you felt when you lost the hand, but won the BBJ?

I was having pair of 5 and opponent had pair of Aces, when I raise that hand he re-raised the pot amount so I assumed he had better cards than me. At this point, I just thought about your BBJ and went All-in. God’s grace I guess, I won the BBJ and got Jackpot money. Thank you Khelo365!

You have just won quite a lot of money from our BBJ, how do you plan on spending it??

I never planned anything yet about winning amount, it’s almost around 2 lakhs I won in 2 Bad Beat Jackpots in two various days so I’m just thinking to spend this money in a useful way.

But will probably be spending it at your cash tables!

Do you have a message for the opponent that Bad Beat You?

Try harder friends, you too will get a jackpot one day! Haha!


As you may know, many amazing prizes await the top Leaderboard winners. Will you be fighting your way to secure your place on top of our Leaderboards?

I’m already trying to participate in as many tournaments and the Ultimatum Leaderboard. I hope I could finish within top 10 Place.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m 100% comfortable and happy with Khelo365. Keep going guys, we expect even more from you!


Khelo365 are delighted to hear that many players, such as amitgupta7 are enjoying themselves on our BBJ tables and walking away with some serious cash. When it’s all said and done, amitgupta7 has won a grand total of Rs. 190,154 all done by losing his hands. If this is not testament to Khelo365’s generosity, we don’t know what is! So, come join us at our cash tables, where, as you can see fortunes can be won. Everyone has a chance to win it big, the way amitgupta7 has at the Khelo365 tables, so why not you? Visit us atKhelo365.comto get started on your journey with us.


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.



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