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Ashwin Kumar Modi (ashvviin) – BBJ winner (02/09/17)

Thanya📁articles,Interviews🕔07.September 2017
Ashwin Kumar Modi (ashvviin) – BBJ winner (02/09/17)

Khelo365’s famous Bad Beat Jackpot is currently LIVE and many are claiming the spoils for themselves. And with a staggering 1 Crore available per month in the BBJ prize pool, we can say that we aren’t surprised at the amount of winnings some of our players have been walking away with! We, at Khelo365 would like to wish Good Luck, or should we say Bad Luck to our players on our BBJ tables – with Khelo365 getting Bad Beat is something to look forward to!

Mr. Ashwin Kumar Modi a.k.a. ashvviin, has been anxious for the past week to win from our Bad Beat Jackpot. We think that this is actually quite remarkable, we are making our players look forward to getting Bad Beat rather than winning their hand! Oh well, more riches to go around for Khelo365 players! In this interview, ashvviin tells us how he started with Khelo365, what he felt when he won from our BBJ and his position on ourUltimatum VIP Leaderboard.

How did you find out about Khelo365 and why did you choose to play with us?

I have Googled many sites to play poker in India and the first site that showed up in Google is Khelo365. I was a player in Khelo365 when it was called ‘Deccan Poker’ and I have played in many sites in India, but I have not found any other genuine sites like Khelo365 yet.

Please describe what you felt when you lost the hand, but won the BBJ?

The thing is that I had been waiting for 5 to 6 days for the BBJ and I lost Rs. 10,600 Buy-in at the tables. I was very tense since my opponent kept raising continuously and I raised too, at last I went all-in and suddenly I was shocked. Because I got the message like, ‘I won the BBJ’ and I am very happy about it!

You have just won quite a lot of money from our BBJ, how do you plan on spending it?

No, I didn’t plan to spend the money yet.

Do you have a message for the opponent that Bad Beat You?

Yes, thanks a lot for Bad Beating me.

As you may know, many amazing prizes await the top Leaderboard winners. Will you be fighting your way to secure your place on top of our Leaderboards?

I am waiting for that and as of now, I am in the 22nd position and I will try to win it for sure!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Not really, everything is fine in Khelo365.


Congratulations on winning from our BBJ ashvviin! You certainly earned it. And we look forward to seeing you at our VIP party later this year in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is obvious that if you are looking to make some REAL money playing Online Poker, Khelo365 is the perfect site for you. We have many opportunities and great promotions for the hungry poker player to make a decent buck while playing the game.

We would also like to add that many more fabulous prizes await the players who rank highly enough on our site! Check them outhere.

So, come join us on our cash tables where, win or lose a fortune can still be made, through Khelo365.

Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.


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