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📁 Current Promotions, Promotions 🕔06.February 2017

Never feel down on a bad beat hand ever again! Khelo365 offers you the Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) Prize Pool.

*depending on the jackpot fees collected at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, only applies to the tables.

Khelo365 will contribute to the jackpot so it is maintained at a minimum of 10 Lakhs (if 30% house retainer is less than 10 lakhs). 


The Bad Beat Jackpot Prize Pool is displayed in the top area in our software.

A BBJ hand should have a minimum of 4 players in the hand, and a minimum rake of Rs.50.

Players use both hole cards at showdown and loser of the hand loses with minimum Aces Full House.


All BBJ winnings will be auto deducted for TDS. 

40% goes to loser of BBJ hand, 20% to winner, 10% to remaining players, 30% to fund the next jackpot.


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