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The Bad Beat Jackpot strikes again!

Thanya📁Interviews🕔15.May 2017
The Bad Beat Jackpot strikes again!

The Bad Beat Jackpot strikes again!

The young and now rich, Mhonjan Kikon, also known as Ajan, on Khelo365 online poker site, just reaped the benefits of a HUGE BADBEAT JACKPOT on May 5 2017. The now very happy Mhonjan Kikon said that he is familiar with the Bad beat Jackpot details through our online poker site advertisement and promotions.

He thought that the Bad Beat Jackpot was not really happening to him. He had not yet come to his senses when many players congratulated him and he was very shocked when he saw such an enormous amount in his khelo365 account balance.

It seemed almost instant to Mhonjan Kikon (Ajan). He would have never thought that day that he would be the winner of Rs. 6,22,000. Of course he was excited when he came to his senses and realized this actually just happened to him. But if you know the beauty of Khelo365 Bad Beat Jackpots, then you also know that the jackpot is shared amongst the other players in the bad beat hand.

You read that right! There were 3 other honorable mentions in this Khelo365 Bad Beat Jackpot hand. The details are as follows:
Bad Beat Jackpot Hand! (May 5, 2017)

Ajan has won​​ ​Rs.622757.23
ControLfreAk has won ​Rs.311378.62
vapour has won ​​​Rs.77844.65
IceQueen has won ​​Rs.77844.65

So now that the money has been revealed. We can see that ControLfreAk was the winner of the hand and received a large some of over 3,00,000 INR from the Bad Beat Jackpot.

This is truly an amazing experience for these players. Let’s see what else Mhonjan Kikon (Ajan) our Bad Beat Jackpot winner had to say!

“I am feeling really happy, since this is the first time I am winning such a big amount and I am still unable to believe this. I am going to use the money to build a new house.”

He exclaimed that he is going to continue to play at our BBJ cash tables to win another bad beat jackpot. We at Khelo365 say good luck to you, see you at the tables! And wehope you win big!

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