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No risk, no reward – why cash games are more fun

Arjun📁articles🕔14.March 2018
No risk, no reward – why cash games are more fun

Today, the online poker player has so many options to choose from. They can choose between different websites, applications, tournaments – the variety is endless. Although there are so many online poker game options, today we’re talking about the most popular form of them all – why are poker players so attracted to Cash Games?

First of all, what do we mean by ‘cash game’? Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s start by taking a look at the definition:

Cash games,also sometimes referred to as ring games or live action games, are poker games played with ‘real’ chips and money at stake, usually with no predetermined end time, with players able to enter and leave as they see fit. In contrast, a poker tournament is played with tournament chips worth nothing outside the tournament, with a definite end condition (usually, only one player left), and a specific roster of competitors.

From that short explanation, we can immediately understand three things – cash games are packed with:

  • action
  • thrill
  • money

So let’s break these points down and see if we can understand why cash games are as popular as they are.

The continuous Action

The action of the game can be felt in the numerous hands played – that card on the river saving your day, the energy that flows through a poker table when players are All-in, and even in the most soundless hands where players show action only through their bets or game style.

The undeniable Thrill

More than anything else, we believe that poker is a lifestyle – and when you have the chance towinaniPhone Xor experiencea party like no otherjust through your skill at cards, there’s nothing quite like it.

The Money (or profit, as we poker enthusiasts like to call it)

There’s no denying that the lure of making money is one of the biggest draws of online poker cash games. It may or may not be just a way of keeping score, but it’s also a significant factor behind the attractiveness of the cash game format. Knowing that you have the chance to win big with every flip of a card or bet of the chips – that’s huge.

And that is why we keep coming back to cash games and why we consider them to be the true heart of poker. If you feel the need for Action, Thrill and Profit, come join us for somecashgames!


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