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Everyone loves cashing out on a bad beat!

Robert Padilla📁Uncategorized🕔14.December 2016
Everyone loves cashing out on a bad beat!

Getting annoyed with Bad Beat hand? No worries, you can beat up these poker rules.

Official 2,739,475 Rupees bad beat jackpot bonus onwww.Khelo365.comEveryone loves hitting the Jack Pot bonus on a bad beat!

Make sure you will never lose only! One of every poker player’s worst nightmare is being on the wrong side of what we call a “Bad-beat!” This is especially true in the online poker community but Khelo365 can transform your nightmares in true dreams!

Whatever it’s your luck that’s on hold or a general bad poker day, on khelo365 you can increase your winnings even if you lose. Sounds weird? Well convince yourself by taking a look at this hand:


In such a bad situation and such a BAD BEAT, the player who lost with his AA full house vs 44 quads got paid over 10LAKHS (40%), despite his luck the hand winner got paid over 5LAKHS (20%) and even those who folded got paid over 1LAKH (10%)! That’s some luck, right?

Also, keep in mind that our Bad Beat Jackpot is increasing based on the players activity in our cash tables so join the action on our site and increase your chances of becoming the next Bad Beat Jackpot WINNER!

Risking Rs.4.000 to possibly win 10Lakhs sounds too good to be true? Then take a look at our prizes won by our Bad Beat Jackpot winners:

TOTAL Bad Beat Jackpot Prize: Rs.2,739,475

kickouthas won Rs.1095790.01 (40%)

dustinhas won Rs.547895 (20%)

Gretzkyhas won Rs.136973.75

pokeYouhas won Rs.136973.75

gretzkyandpokeYoushared 10%

30% of the Jackpot will be held back as house retainer for resetting jackpot.

Looks promising right? Let’s also see what our winners have to say about this experience they shared.

Winner of the 1stbiggest prize “KickOut” (THE PLAYER WHO RECEIVED THE BAD BEAT):

Player (Kickout):“I was mad, confused and excited all in one! First I saw the huge bad beat I took and only after a few minutes I realised that I won an amazing bad beat prize.”

“I did read about the Bad Beat Jackpot, but not too much as I never hoped I will be so lucky to win it.”

“I will find a good use for the money, maybe plan for a trip with my family, and I will also continue to play poker here for sure, hoping to get another bad beat”. “This is an amazing experience for me and I truly hope it will happen again. Thank you for the amazing bonuses!”

Our 2ndinterview was with the winner of the 2ndbiggest prize “Dustin” (PLAYER WHO GAVE THE BAD BEAT):

Player (dustin):“I am very happy I won and I like Khelo365 site very much. I was unaware of the Bad Beat Jackpot before so I was pleasantly surprised since I never gone thru Khelo365’s promotions and rules. I would like to spend my jackpot winnings by buying a car, shopping and other home expenses.”

During Khelo365’s New Year’s promotion the bad beat Jack Pot bonuses are monstrous.

Joinwww.Khelo365.comtoday and you might be the next Bad Beat Jackpot winner!


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