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Bad Beat Jackpot Cleared Again!

📁 News 🕔11.January 2017
Bad Beat Jackpot Cleared Again!

Congratulations!  Khelo365 just rewarded the free Indian Poker prize

We have the pleasure to announce you that our Bad Beat Jackpot was won again!

The amazing prize of over Rs.10 LAKHS was cleared on GOA 25/50 NLHE table and ended up in the pockets of 5 lucky players!

“ReligionIsPoisn”, the player who took the bad beat and the winner of the biggest share of our Bad Beat Jackpot, won Rs.321752.78! So i guess Khelo365 is the perfect place for you to take a bad beat.

Mr. Santosh Shivashankar Reddy aka “ReligionIsPoisn” was kind enough to answer us a few questions as well so let’s see what he has to say about this experience.

Khelo365: “Hello Mr. Santosh. Can you tell us how did you feel when you won the beautiful amount of Rs.321752?”h

Mr. Santosh (ReligionIsPoisn): I was so overexcited I couldn’t continue playing that night!”

Khelo365: “Were you aware of our Bad Beat Jackpot Prizes?”

Mr. Santosh (ReligionIsPoisn): It was my second day at Khelo365, when I joined the table I asked other players what the cash that was displayed on top was, I did not know it was a jackpot prize until I won it.”

Khelo365: “Wow, second day! And how are you planning to spend the amount won?”

Mr. Santosh (ReligionIsPoisn): I’m going to use this money to clear a small loan that I owe to someone.”

Khelo365: “Have you ever won a similar prize?”

Mr. Santosh (ReligionIsPoisn): I’ve never won anything like this before.”

Khelo365: “Thank you so much for your time, we wish you all the best!”

Mr. Santosh (ReligionIsPoisn): I thank Khelo365 not only for the prize but also for providing an online poker site that’s licensed. Indian poker community had been waiting for this for years, and now we can legally declare the winnings as our earnings. Thank you.”




The winner of the 2nd biggest Jackpot prize was the player “Leakproof”, who also won a nice amount of Rs.160876.

The remaining 3 players who folded also won a piece of the pie, Rs.26812 each.

If you are curious how the hand went down, check this out:

Seat 4: Leakproof

Seat 5: JhonCenaFan

Seat 1: ReligionIsPoisn

Seat 2: Twiggy

Seat 3: Godown


Leakproof: Ac Js

JhonCenaFan: Td 9s

ReligionIsPoisn: 5s As

Twiggy: 5d Kh

Godown: 6c 3h


Leakproof: Call: 50.00 , Call: 100.00

JhonCenaFan: Fold

ReligionIsPoisn: Raise: 100.00

Twiggy: Fold

Godown: Fold

FLOP [Ah Jh 5h]

Leakproof: Bet: 300.00 , Call: 300.00

ReligionIsPoisn: Check, Raise: 600.00


Leakproof: Bet: 2600.00, UB: 1322.25

ReligionIsPoisn: Check, Call: 1277.75 (All-In)



Leakproof: shows [Ac Js] (a full house, Aces full of Jacks)

ReligionIsPoisn: shows [5s As] (a full house, Aces full of Fives)

Bad Beat Jackpot Hand!

ReligionIsPoisn has won Rs.321752.78

Leakproof has won Rs.160876.39

JhonCenaFan has won Rs.26812.73

Godown has won Rs.26812.73

Twiggy has won Rs.26812.73

So as you can see, on Khelo365 a Bad Beat is a reason to celebrate so join the action, enjoy the game and don’t miss your chance to win!





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