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Let’s Meet And Greet-Trip to Pattaya Day 1

📁 News 🕔09.January 2017
Let’s Meet And Greet-Trip to Pattaya Day 1

Here’s The Trip to Pattaya Day 1

The first day started with a nervous morning for all our Khelo365 team for sure, being excited to finally meet our fabulous guests, but in the same time hoping to offer a memorable, amazing trip.



As soon as our VIP Guests arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, they were welcomed by Mr. Ivan Alexandru – head of VIP concierge and 8 beautiful women. 

They traveled in style with Mercedes card and stretch limousines all the way to Pattaya where each could enjoy traditional Thai massages, relax by the pool after the long travel or sleep and recover the needful strength for the upcoming days.




Soon after that, our guests attended the prize distribution event and received their well deserved prizes, iPhones and a custom made gold plated iPhone!



The gold plated iPhone was won by Mr. Sandeep Sahgal, number 1 in our VIP Leaderboard and a successful businessman who stole everyone’s heart!



What we learned about our Top VIP Guest Mr. Sandeep Sahgal, is that no matter how successful he is,

his heart is kind, humble and bigger than any words i could write. Also, no one is more determined to finish our current race on 1st place,

so I suggest you step up your game because any race against Mr. Sandeep will definitely be a tough one to win!


Mr. Pradeep Kumar and Mr. Kenny85 (Player requested discretion regarding his real name) also won an iPhone 7 Plus each and Cash Bonuses worth of Rs.50k each.


The remaining guests, Mr. Ravi Naidu, Mr. Naresh Jain, Mr. Lalit Arjun and Mr. Surana Manish were surprised with a custom Khelo365 gift as well.



The event was presented by the beautiful Ms. Nicole Kanman and we could not choose a better host, you can convince yourself by gazing at her picture.



The night continued with food, drinks, and ended with a Private Vip Party in Brooklyn Club where everybody danced until morning even our CEO,

Mr. Vinod Manoharan! We were surrounded by beautiful women, good drinks and an amazing party mood!



And since we are talking about party mood, heats off for another special guest Mr. Naresh Jain who was the soul of the entire party, a gentleman who surprised us with an unlimited amount of energy!



Stay tuned for our After Movie and our player’s full Interviews!


As always, lots of love and good luck! Until next time!

Bratu Alina Maria, head of customer relations


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