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Until We Meet Again-Trip to Pattaya Day 4

Alina📁Uncategorized🕔09.January 2017
Until We Meet Again-Trip to Pattaya Day 4

Let’s call it just a Temporary End

All good things come to an end, so did our trip…and without trying to be too sentimental, i want to say that we will miss each and every one of you, 4 days was a short time to spend with such great people.

Still, let’s not focus too much on the farewell because we only have 3 more months until the NEXT TRIP! And we are planning to make even a bigger impact, a bigger impression and bigger parties!  I also want to mention that after all the fun we had through this days and all the clubbing that happened one night before, our guests still found the energy and patience to give interviews and i must say, we received very good feedback from them. You will shortly be able to watch all the full length interviews here onKhelo365.newsin the section “Interviews”.

Also we must not forget to thank our Head of VIP Concierge Mr. Ivan Alexandru for being with our guests every step of the way in all this 4 days, offering them anything they needed from a simple cup of coffee to even other more interesting requirements :)!

We also thank all ourKhelo365crew, our funny and talented host Ms. Nicole, and last but not least, special thanks to our amazing guests who made this trip a very special one, thank you for your awesome feedback and appreciation, you arrived with your enthusiasm packed and you did not forget your thirst for fun either!

   Stay tuned for our After Movie and our player’s full Interviews!

As always, lots of love and good luck! Until next time!







  Bratu Alina Maria, head of customer relations

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