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Khelo365 Bad Beat Jackpot now worth 1 Crore

📁 articles, Current Promotions, News, Promotions, Slider 🕔31.August 2017
Khelo365 Bad Beat Jackpot now worth 1 Crore

Yes, you read that right. The Khelo365 Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) prize pool is now worth a superb 1 Crore!

We at Khelo365, want everyone to walk away from the tables feeling like the winners we know our players truly are.

Which is why we are doing our part to give the people who play their cards right what they deserve!

Starting now, the Bad Beat Jackpot will only be available on BBJ tables for players playing Texas Hold’em, with 50/100 stacks and above only!

BBJ hands must also have at least 4 players in the hand with a minimum rake of Rs. 50. The hand must also consist of both hole cards at showdown to be eligible for the BBJ.

The loser of the hand with minimum Full-House wins the BBJ!
To Recap BBJ Criteria:

  • Available only on BBJ tables
  • Texas Hold’em with min. 50/100 stacks and above
  • Hand must have at least 4 players
  • Rake of Rs. 50
  • Both Hole cards must be used at showdown
  • Bad Beat must be min. Full House of any kind


At this point, we would strongly urge each and every one of you to go out there and claim your piece of the stunning 1 Crore we currently have available.

You may not be the winner of your hand, but you might be walking away with something even more.

Khelo365 is without a doubt favorable to our winners, but those pesky bad beats need be compensated for too! Do hesitate on this fantastic opportunity!

Go sign up now at


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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