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Khelo365 Diwali Special 5 Lakhs Winners

📁 articles, Promotions, Tournaments 🕔23.October 2017
Khelo365 Diwali Special 5 Lakhs Winners

This year Khelo365 celebrated Diwali in style, hosting our Diwali Special worth 5 Lakhs Freeroll this past Thursday, which turned out to be a massive success.

The tournament hosted a total of 1329 players from all over India looking to claim their piece of the stunning 5 Lakhs prize pool! This was the BIGGEST Freeroll in Khelo365 history.

Over 200 players managed to claw their way through the tough competition to earn their share of the prize, a total of Rs. 2,82,500 was paid out to the top 10. This meant a tremendous pay-day for many who participated. Not too bad for a night of free poker, right?

Top 10 Players Results

Rank Player Amount Won
1 gowder Rs. 95,000
2 abiroxta Rs. 55,000
3 Fidemaster1 Rs. 35,000
4 Game1 Rs. 27,500
5 Rajat2508 Rs. 20,000
6 aadarsh Rs. 15,000
7 Neeraj08 Rs. 12,500
8 Farzee Rs. 10,000
9 anilg Rs. 7,500
10 saubhiksin Rs. 5,000


We, at Khelo365, hope that all of you had a wonderful, enjoyable Diwali and hopefully walk away richer!

If you missed this year’s Diwali freeroll, do not worry! There will be plenty more freerolls to come in the future, where the true poker player can join for FREE and win some serious cash.

Khelo365 is, without a doubt, the destination for no-nonsense Online Poker, where amazing rewards and insane prize pools is our specialty. If you are looking to play a strategic, skilled game online to make REAL money, this is definitely the right place for you.

Along with our Freeroll specials, Khelo365 would like to offer you the chance to play on our regular Freerolls, worth 30 Lakhs monthly! Again, no deposit needed and no buy-ins required. Just sign up, register, play and win REAL money!

Do not miss out on the chance to play on one of our spectacular freerolls, follow us on Facebook at to keep notified of our upcoming freerolls and promotions. And who knows, maybe YOU will walk away with a sizeable chunk of our prize money!

Sign up at

Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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