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The Khelo365 Lifestyle ft. Muskan Sethi

📁 articles, News 🕔27.October 2017
The Khelo365 Lifestyle ft. Muskan Sethi

Winning at Online Poker is a special kind of ‘winning’ because, not only are you feeling the rush of beating your opponents, often times you are rewarded with the money you win at the tables too.

It’s no secret that a fortune can be made simply playing Online Poker, but it definitely takes skill, concentration, and guts to make a living off playing Online Poker.

Once such player who has graced the Khelo365 tables with her presence is none other than the Number 1 GPI Ranked female poker player in India and Shark Cage contestant, the one, the only Muskan ‘BabyShark’ Sethi.

Muskan has been frequenting the Khelo365 cash tables and is making an absolute fortune out of playing on our Online Poker services.

We estimate that she has won well over 5 Lakhs playing on our cash tables and we have seen no signs of her slowing down anytime soon!

Simply visit Muskan’s Instagram page and have a look at the exciting life of someone who is making a killing out of playing poker. It looks like a lot of fun and is absolutely remarkable.

On top of being an incredible poker player living the incredible life that comes along with it, Muskan still finds time to do charitable work.

Yes, Muskan is an active social worker and philanthropist. She even donates 50% of her winnings from poker to different charities that she works with.

So not only is she stunningly beautiful and a killer at the poker tables, she also has a heart of gold!

This exciting kind of life is definitely not impossible to attain. Muskan along with many others have proven that playing Online Poker can be the door to an amazing, extravagant life.

Khelo365 has endless opportunities for the hungry poker player to make some serious money on our site. Come play on our cash tables, which is by far our most lucrative way for Online Poker players to make money anywhere!

Not only that, but playing on our cash tables also gives you the opportunity to rank on our LIVE VIP Leaderboard, where many insane prizes can be won, including cars, cash, and an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to Pattaya this New Year.

Trust us when we say, you do not want to miss out on this!

You can also play in our Khelo365 Millions tournaments, where up to 45 Lakhs are up for grabs PER WEEK!

As you can see, playing with Khelo365 clearly has its perks. We like to think that we amplify the poker experience right to your homes with our awesome promotions, offers, and opportunities.

So come join us at our tables and begin chasing that lifestyle today, with Khelo365.


Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.

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