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Khelo365 Millions Winners of 55 Lahks Prize Pool Oct 9th – Oct 15th

📁 News, Offers, Promotions 🕔18.October 2017
Khelo365 Millions Winners of 55 Lahks Prize Pool Oct 9th – Oct 15th

This past week was a monumental first week for the new Khelo365 Millions promotion, expectations and prize pools have both been exceeded, going up to a mind-blowing 55 Lakhs! Many players walked away from the Khelo365 tables this week much, much richer! It goes without saying that this was a great success!

The weekly prize pool per week was guaranteed by Khelo365 to be minimum 45 Lakhs, at the end of the week, the weekly prize pool came to a grand total of over 55 Lakhs! This was due to the popularity of the tournament in the Online Poker sphere as well as the amount of re-buys players had made.

A total of 140 players managed to win money from Khelo365 Millions tournament last week, meaning a tremendous payday for many!

Khelo365 would like to congratulate those of you who won from our fabulous prize pool! Without a doubt, you have clearly earned it!

Winners of the 55 Lakhs Prize Pool


Monday October 9th – Prize pool: Rs. 5,00,000

Rank Player Amount Won
1st Manashrock Rs. 1,35,000
2nd Gaand Rs. 90,000
3rd iitvivek17 Rs. 55,000


Tuesday October 10th – Prize pool: Rs. 7,71,600

Rank Player Amount Won
1st dondondon Rs. 2,08,332
2nd coolgiri Rs. 1,38,888
3rd triCkydOn Rs. 84,876


Wednesday October 11th – Prize pool: Rs. 9,79,000

Rank Player Amount Won
1st tarun1812 Rs. 2,64,330
2nd Chaingang7 Rs. 1,76,220
3rd Lekhramchhawal Rs. 1,07,690


Thursday October 12th – Prize pool: Rs. 6,49,700

Rank Player Amount Won
1st Badminton Rs. 1,75,419
2nd glory2him Rs. 1,16,946
3rd IROBOT Rs. 71,467


Friday October 13th – Prize pool: Rs. 6,28,600

Rank Player Amount Won
1st Toyota Rs. 1,69,722
2nd katkar99 Rs. 1,13,148
3rd RDarkD3ath Rs. 69,146


Saturday October 14th – Prize Pool: Rs. 10,00,000

Rank Player Amount Won
1st pokemon11 Rs. 2,70,000
2nd jeww432 Rs. 1,80,000
3rd UrAJoker Rs. 1,10,000


Sunday October 15th – Prize pool: Rs. 10,00,000

Rank Player Amount Won
1st suhael Rs. 2,70,000
2nd VILLA Rs. 1,80,000
3rd UrAJoker Rs. 1,10,000


As a generous bonus, playing on any of the Khelo365 Millions tournaments will also advance you on our ‘Tourney Loyalty Leaderboard’ where many fantastic prizes await those who are able to climb the ladder. Check out the leaderboard here.

This was a massive and totally unexpected Rs. 55,28,900 prize pool that came to be last week, proving once again that Khelo365 is the place to be for those looking to make serious money playing Online Poker.

Will you be there for the next tournament?

We surely hope so; there are plenty of winnings to go around for everyone at Khelo365. No nonsense and straight to the point, Khelo365 is without a doubt the quickest way to get rich off playing Online Poker and the best-value Indian poker site.

Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.






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