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Khelo365 VIP Party ‘Never Say Never Again’ – Pattaya, Thailand

📁 articles, Current Promotions, News, Promotions, Slider 🕔16.November 2017
Khelo365 VIP Party ‘Never Say Never Again’ – Pattaya, Thailand

It’s getting so close to that time of year again where I along with the top players from the Khelo365 Online Poker website will be partying it out like it’s the last day on earth… for four days at the Khelo365 New Year’s VIP Party!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bratu Alina Maria, but you can call me Alina. I have been working as Head – Customer Relations on the Khelo365 team for the past 3 wonderful years. And yes, I have been to the last 2 amazing Khelo365 events held for our leaderboard champions – one in Pattaya and one in Phuket.

To put it simply, our events are just like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my life, needless to say, it trumps any party, rave, event, gathering I’ve ever been to. Hands down.

During our Phuket event, we visited the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The seductive sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, ahh, it was just to die for. The nightlife was superb too, just imagine for a second – models, luxury VIP clubs, free flow drinks all night long, everything and anything to satisfy you to your fullest content. That is exactly what I, along with our VIP guests experienced, truly a trip of a lifetime. Did I mention a yacht ride? Yes, there was a yacht ride… full of models! But I will let you take a look at our Video I Will Survive – Phuket to see what a great time we had.

The event in Phuket was amazing and We Survived it but nothing can compare with the Sleepless Nights we had in Pattaya, and that’s why we decided to return to Pattaya this year. We like to think we pulled all stops on this event for sure. The countdown to welcome the New Year, 2017, was super memorable, Khelo365 had transformed the luxury Villa pool into a stunning party event, where our guests partied with, you guessed it, more models and some of the best DJ’s in Thailand. We experienced the crazy nightlife Pattaya offers but of course, what happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya. That New Year was forever solidified into my memory along with our guests’ memories to be the best New Year’s celebration anyone could ever ask for. Check out Sleepless Nights – Pattaya Video and let me know what you think.

Simply recalling these events is giving me chills and goosebumps all around, as I’m sure it happened to you as well only by watching the videos. And this year, we are going to do it all over again in Pattaya, a venue we feel our guests will have the greatest experience!

Our next Pattaya trip it’s called “Never Say Never Again” so never say never, just make sure you will be there in the middle of the action. We are looking to drain the town of all the fun here in Pattaya, truly a playground of excitement and pleasure, just for you, our VIP guests. But be warned, those who do not come prepared to party will also be drained by the city… in the best way possible.

Along with the insane party that our VIPs can expect, we are also giving away some other fantastic prizes. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with ‘C’ and rhymes with ‘Bars’. Check out the prizes due to the players who rank high enough on our leaderboards here.

There is just so much excitement and fun to expect – I simply cannot wait!

We, at Khelo365, want to create an experience for our loyal players, not just a simple Online Poker site. No, we want to offer you a VIP Lifestyle, always looking to bring the biggest, baddest events to our VIP guests, because guess what? You deserve it!

So join me at the next Khelo365 event “Never Say Never Again” this New Year’s in Pattaya, because trust me when I say – you won’t ever forget it!


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