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Khelo365 VIP Preparations: Island of Pleasure and Paradise

📁 articles, News, Offers 🕔30.November 2017
Khelo365 VIP Preparations: Island of Pleasure and Paradise

Pleasure and paradise is certainly a magical combination that inspires beauty, joy, and excitement. This is exactly what we are looking to bring to our guests during the Khelo365 ‘Never Say Never Again’ VIP trip this New Years.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nick Bain and I am the content creator for Khelo365 and ground staff in Thailand. I, along with the Khelo365 team are looking to make this trip an unforgettable experience for our guests and in my recent travels to Koh Larn, a beautiful Island off the coast of Pattaya I believe we have found the perfect location where I am sure our VIP’s will be having a blast.

My team and I took off early in the morning to scout out the Island. We boarded the speedboat and took off with the magnificent view behind us to finally dock at a massive barge in the middle of the sea. This is where we began parasailing – Let me tell you, this is one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Getting dragged through the skies in a parachute while attached to a speedboat was absolutely insane! It was a tremendous amount of fun where you could see the stunning Pattaya coast in all its glory whilst being over 40 meters in the sky, flying!
We then departed the barge to go to a diving boat for our next activity – underwater walking. Large helmets with air pumped into them were placed on our heads and we began our descent into the sea. Underwater, for a good 20 minutes, we saw all manner of lovely sea creatures, corals, and fish. It was quite an experience to be swimming with the fish and appreciate the vibrant life that dwelled underneath. This is a must do for our VIP’s during our trip.

After the quick lunch on the dive boat, we hopped aboard the speedboat and reached our destination at Koh Larn Island. Paradise was the word that immediately came to mind when I reached the Island, the view of the mountains, the beaches, and the females was simply breathtaking. But there was more than just beauty that was present on the Island – there were also a lot of exciting and awesome activities to be enjoyed once there.  Riding Jet Skis, Banana Boat or Swimming in some of the clearest waters imaginable – the perfect place for the adrenaline junky looking to blow off steam. And if you’re brave enough, you can even go parachuting off the mountain at Koh Larn where a 10-minute descent awaits and you will feast your eyes on some of the most stunning sceneries anywhere in the world!

To quote Tony Montana from the movie ‘Scarface’ “this place.. is paradise, I’m tellin’ you”. I mean, I really can’t put the beauty and amazement of this place into words. You will just have to witness and experience it for yourself – the incomparable beauty of it all, simply breathtaking.

Win yourself an unforgettable trip to paradise. Play in the Khelo365 Cash Games/Tournaments/SitNGos to advance yourself on our ladder and come party with us in Pattaya! This is a once in a lifetime experience I am certain all of you will thoroughly enjoy!


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