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Khelo365 VIP Preparations: Walking Street Madness!

📁 articles, News, Promotions 🕔26.November 2017
Khelo365 VIP Preparations: Walking Street Madness!

Pattaya city in Thailand rightfully holds the reputation for being one of the wildest, most insane cities in all of Asia, nay, the WORLD where pleasure, fun, and excitement can be found in every corner. And in the center of it all – Walking Street, the embodiment of every single human desire imaginable, all in one street.

You probably think you have a pretty good idea of what to expect, don’t you? Well, let me tell you right now. You do not! I, Nick Bain, content creator at Khelo365 and ground staff in Thailand have lived in Thailand all my life and was first brought to Pattaya’s Walking Street just last week, thinking I had a good idea of what to expect. Boy was I wrong!

The first thoughts that entered my head as I entered Walking Street were: chaos, madness, fun, pleasure and HOT CHICKS EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t believe my eyes, so many colors, lights and anything your heart desires.

Walking Street had this superb aura within it that inspired confidence, happiness, and lust –like you wouldn’t believe. I do not think I saw a single person in that absolutely crowded street without a massive smile plastered across their face.

You want a lobster dinner in Walking Street? Done.

You want to party til’ the sun comes up? Walking Street has several amazing, vibrant clubs that will happily fulfill your party needs.

You want to hang out with some of the most beautiful, exotic women in the world? No problem. Establishments within Walking Street will be more than welcome to you, giving you the chance to chill with any kind of beautiful girl you want in some of the most seductive clubs in Thailand.

Russian, Thai, European – it doesn’t matter because guess what? Walking Street has it! And I’ll tell you what – they will be more than happy to give you all their attention because you deserve it!

Walking Street is truly an area of bliss and pure pleasure, unlike anywhere else in the world.

This is why being a VIP guest at Khelo365 means something; you are given the FULL VIP treatment, nothing less.

This is just one of the many attractions and activities that you will fully experience on the Khelo365 VIP party.

Continue climbing the ranks on the Khelo365 VIP Leaderboards for your ticket to the greatest trip on earth, where every desire you can ever have will be thoroughly fulfilled!

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