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“My dogs need a new Benz” says poker champ Sandeep Sahgal

📁 articles, News 🕔31.January 2017
“My dogs need a new Benz” says poker champ Sandeep Sahgal

Sandeep Sahgal’s dogs are tired of driving around in last year’s model.

It’s about time they upgraded to the latest Mercedes Benz A-Class A200 D Sport.

Fortunately for Sandeep, he’s going to get such a car absolutely free. At least that’s what he thinks.

Maybe I’m just lowkey jealous of Sandeep’s dogs, but who wouldn’t be?

The dogs’ bedroom is like the goddamn Swiss Alps. Temperature controlled to 18 degrees, low humidity, snowy goose-feather pillows, paintings of endless blue skies and the “wooosh” of mountain winds wafting around the room.

All of this lavish treatment is so that his Swiss dogs don’t feel homesick.

Breakfast for the dogs is even more luxurious. Dry-aged steak and eggs, sausages and organic winter greens, Alpine mineral water—sparkling or still depending on their mood.

Sandeep’s dogs go through intense fitness training every day, so they need the nutrition. An hour of cardio followed by free weights and rock climbing.

Their afternoons are spent at the private spa or the salon getting their hair fluffed, their nails manicured or being pampered with an aromatherapy massage.

The worst thing about Sandeep’s goddamn dogs is their private car and chauffeur. They go around in a custom designed Mercedes Benz A-Class A200 D Sport, specially equipped with doggy seats, adapted seatbelts, and luxury snoozer consoles.

Now Sandeep Sahgal wants yet another Mercedes Benz A-Class A200 D Sport, and he plans to get it absolutely free.

You see, Sandeep is the top poker player on and he’s absolutely confident that he’s going to win the Benz which is the grand prize.

He doesn’t even want the Honda City VX CVT, the Maruti Swift ZDI or the Renault Kwid RXL which are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes. No, Sandeep wants the Benz and he truly believes that he’s going to win it.

Are you going to let him get away with it?

Play poker on Khelo365 now and beat Sandeep. Win the cars or the luxury holidays in Thailand or the gold plated iPhones. Don’t let Sandeep get any of it.

It’s time to kick Mr. Sahgal off the leaderboard and let him sleep with the dogs.

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