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Poker Confidential – the many nicknames of poker hands

Arjun📁articles🕔27.March 2018
Poker Confidential – the many nicknames of poker hands

We’ve touched upon this a little bit in previous articles, but poker’s built up a substantial internal mythology around itself. Takedifferent poker hands, for example – did you know that almost every hand in poker has multiple unique nicknames? We’ve already mentioned theDead Man’s Handbefore (two pair, Aces and Eights), but let’s go through some of the other ones now!

AA –pocket rockets– because the As look like rockets.

AK –Kalashnikov– manufacturer of the famous AK47 assault rifle.

AQ –Rocket Queen– famous Guns ’n’ Roses song.

AJ –blackjack– in blackjack, this is the highest possible hand.

A9 –Rounders hand– reference to the movie Rounders.

A5 –high five– aces are high, plus a five.

A4 –Ungar– Stu Ungar won his third WSOP title with this hand.

A2 –hunting season– aces and twos are commonly referred to as bullets and ducks respectively.

KK –ace magnet– because aces are the last cards you want to see with this hand.

KQ –royal couple– self – explanatory.

K9 –pedigree– sounds like canine (alternatively, ‘mutt’ if offsuit).

K8 –feast– what the ‘king ate’.

K2 –Donald– Donald Duck, the ‘king’ of the ‘ducks’.

QQ –Hilton sisters– reference to the famous Hilton heiresses.

QJ –quack– a combination of how the two words sound.

QT –Tarantino– the initials of the famous moviemaker Quentin Tarantino.

Q2 –Daisy– Daisy Duck, queen of the ducks; see K2 above.

JK –bachelor hand– we’ll let you figure this one out!

JJ –brothers– two similar males (one – eyed jacks if spades and hearts)

JT –Timberlake– initials of Justin Timberlake

J7 –Jack Daniels– named for Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

J6 –railroad– try saying ‘jacks and sixes’ over and over again.

J5 –Jackson 5– reference to the famous pop group that included Michael Jackson.

J3 –lumberjack– a tree (three) and a jack.

J2 –jackshit– a jack with the worst possible kicker, a two.

TT –binary– because 1010 in binary code equals 10.

T9 –countdown– because countdowns start with ‘10, 9’.

T7 –split– a bowling reference

T6 –sweet sixteen– 10+6 = 16

T5 –five & dime– a dime is worth ten cents.

T4 –roger that– ‘10-4’ is used to signal ‘OK’ over the radio.

T2 –Brunson– Doyle Brunson won two consecutive WSOP titles with this hand.

99 –Hitlers– because it sounds like ‘nein, nein’.

95 –hardworking man– a man who works 9 to 5.

88 –snowmen– because it looks like two snowmen next to each other.

84 –big brother– a reference to 1984, the book by George Orwell.

78 –RPM– the very first vinyl records spun at 78 RPM.

77 –walking sticks– because it looks like a pair of walking sticks.

75 –007(if spades) – referring to James Bond’s winning hand in Casino Royale.

72 –WHIP(if offsuit) – generally agreed to be the Worst Hand In Poker.

66 –kicks– reference to the famous song lyric ‘get your kicks on Route 66’.

64 –Gilchrist– Adam Gilchrist, Australian cricketer, known for his fondness for boundaries (6s and 4s).


52 –bomber– The B-52 was a famous American bomber in World War II.

4K –fork– because of how it sounds (‘fork off’ if offsuit).

49 –San Francisco– a reference to San Francisco’s football team, the 49ers

45 –Jesse James– the famous outlaw was shot with a .45 gun.

44 –dark side(if spades and clubs) – that is, the dark side of the fours.

34 –waltz– because waltzes are usually written in ¾ time.

28 –tadpole– answer to the statement ‘what the duck ate’.

23 –Jordan– a reference to Michael Jordan’s jersey number.

22 –Desmond– a reference to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


Whew, and there were quite a few nicknames we missed out too! Which one of these is your favourite? Let us know!

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