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Play Freeroll tournaments @ Khelo365

Play Freeroll tournaments @ Khelo365

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Play Freeroll tournaments @ Khelo365

Feeling playing free online poker? Play Freeroll tournaments @ Khelo365

The buzz surrounding the tournaments have always inspired millions of players around the world and drawn them closer to the game. Of all the tournaments in poker, none evinces interest as much as Freeroll tournaments. Online Poker Tournaments enables you to flex your muscles with some of the poker wizards and experts you will never be able to meet in real life otherwise. Poker Tournaments come in different flavours and formats. You will be surprised to know thatKhelo365is referred as the home of freeroll tournaments for poker aficionados in India. We have earned the tag of being the best poker site of India in providing a stunning poker experience. We have stitched together an amazing combo of freeroll tournaments worth over Rs. 3 Lakhs monthly, so that you can have a field day once you decide to grace us with your presence.

What are Freeroll tourneys?

Freeroll tournaments allow you to enter a poker table without having to pay an entry fee. These freeroll tournaments ever since they made their debut in online poker sphere have been generating a lot of buzzes. It is probably because of the free entry as players always prefer to play games for free. This trend of playing freeroll tourneys is catching up bigtime and many online poker sites have latched on it announcing freeroll tourneys 24/7. is no exception to this, as we have made customer satisfaction as our top priority ever since the day of our inception. We currently have freeroll tournaments on an hourly basis juggling between the two formats: NLHold’em and PLOmaha. In addition to this, we have special freeroll tournaments on festive occasions with huge cash prizes. Only on an online poker site, you can play these freeroll tournaments, as land-based casinos and cardrooms don’t offer these freeroll tournaments.

Huge Opportunities

Not many can afford the luxury of playing poker at a casino due to various factors like unavailability, expense, and various other factors. Online Poker has come as a blessing in disguise for those who wanted to be a poker star. A Freeroll Poker tournament helps to connect players across India and play the game to their heart’s content. Unlike cash games that keep you worrying constantly about your bankroll, freeroll tournaments give you full freedom as you are not going to spend a penny out of your pocket. Freeroll tournaments open up a window of opportunities for players to try the game regardless of prior experience. It doesn’t matter if you lose a few tournaments as the experience you will gain by playing this freeroll tournament will be invaluable.’s freeroll tournaments allow up to 3000 players to play our tournament at a go! And the best part is you don’t have to wait for all those 3000 players to arrive – our tournaments will commence as soon as a minimum of two players hit out tables.

In addition to the 24 freeroll tournaments being conducted on an hourly basis, organizes plenty of other Tournaments like:

*Daily 12AM Rs 1000 PLO Freeroll

*Daily 3AM Rs 1000 Freeroll

*Daily 11AM Rs. 1000 Freeroll

*Daily 12AM Rs 5000 Freeroll

* Daily 2PM Rs 1000 Freeroll

*Daily 5PM Rs 1000 PLO Freeroll

*Daily 8PM Rs 5000 Freeroll

We do conduct Mega freerolls during weekends, special occasions and on happy moments! Entry is free for all players. Mark yourself present during those times. You will be stunned with our bewildering cash prizes!! Any winnings from such tournaments can be instantly redeemed without any restrictions.

So, grab your chances and fill your pockets with cash! Evidence indicates that tournament victories would improve your confidences by miles.

While we understand that it is not possible to play cash games every time for which you might need bankroll boost from time to time. This is the exact purpose why we have included so many freeroll tournaments round the clock so that you can boost your bankroll. There’s a lot of real dough for the taking. Play as many tournaments as you can in a day and increase your funds. No strings attached to ourfreeroll tournaments. Play most of them to your heart’s content without making a deposit and redeem your winnings without any hassles.

How to register?

  • Login to account

  • Click on Instant Play to get into the lobby

  • On the lobby, click on Tournaments Tab

  • Navigate to Freeroll tournament tab and click on it

  • You will see list of freeroll tournaments offered by us

  • Join any tournament by selecting the tournament you wish to participate in, and click on Register and confirm your participation by clicking on Ok.

Terms and Conditions

  • Chips won in freerolls can only be redeemed after purchasing atleast 100 chips

  • Chips won in Depositors freerolls and other tournaments can be redeemed without any restrictions

  • Our company reserves the right to cancel, modify, or suspend the Freerolls anytime if, in the sole judgment of the Company, the tournament is not capable of being conducted as mentioned.

*Standard Terms and Conditions apply

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