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Why play Poker Cash Games

📁 articles 🕔13.December 2016
Why play Poker Cash Games

Why Play Poker Cash Games

Cash games remain the most preferred mode of playing poker online. As the name implies, it is played for cash not for chips, gold or any coupons. Cash games are widely played around the world in clubs, casinos, and on the internet. The primary reason behind players choosing cash games ahead of freeroll tournaments is the opportunity to make huge money in a short duration. Unlike tournaments where you deal with chips pretending for real money, cash games allow direct access to real cash. Especially when you play on a site like Khelo365.com, known for its huge list of cash games suited to all budgets.

Players can play the game with any buy-in they can afford as we have cash games starting from Rs. 1. In our site, the stakes are grouped into different levels such as low stakes, medium stakes, and high stakes with stakes from as low as Rs. 1/Rs.2 to Rs. 200/Rs.500. And most importantly the games we host are stylishly named based on some popular Indian cities. Due to the fast nature of poker game, players have a good chance to win lots of cash prizes quickly than earning by playing other games online. The following pointers discusses some of the advantages of playing cash games

1. Availability & Time Constraints

If you are in a hurry, you are better off playing cash games. Poker Cash games allow you to play whenever you feel like playing, unlike tournaments that require you to sit for a longer duration. There is a wide range of Hold’em and Omaha games available at different stakes on our website 24/7. Players can login and play any moment they feel like playing. Easy accessibility is the most important reason why the Cash game continues to remain daily business for most online poker players. At present, we have 6 player table and 9 player tables for our cash games and the game would commence as soon as only two players hit the tables.

2. Fixed Blinds

One of the biggest advantages of playing cash games is the fixed blinds. In Khelo365, once you get to the lobby you can see cash lined up from low stakes to high stakes based on their blinds. These blinds are not going to keep increasing like in tournaments so players can stop worrying about the increasing blinds and get on with the game. At Khelo365, we have ensured there are sufficient games under low stakes, medium stakes, and high stakes. Players are advised to start playing first with low stakes and gain insights about the game. The more time he spends at low stakes tables, the faster will be his transition as a confident player, who is ready to go for the kill playing high stakes games.

3. Rebuy option

This is probably the biggest advantage of playing cash games. Once you join a table, you bring in some cash along with it, the moment you lose them; it’s not as if your whole world has come crashing down. You are allowed to use rebuy option to refill your account and continue playing the game. Nobody likes a thrilling game to be cut midway. Rebuy options come in handy during those times.

4. Grooming

Playing low stakes cash games can be thought of as a way of grooming your poker skills. Even if you lose a few games, it’s important to remember that you’re on a learning curve where mistakes happen. As long as you play to your potential, these are some important lessons that are grooming to you to progress to the next level. You will experience a definite spike in your skills once you spend sufficient time at the cash tables.

5. Get Rich

Obviously getting rich is the primary motive for choosiplng to play online poker games. Games at Khelo365 allow you to increase your fortune in a shortest time, provided you’re skilled enough to beat a barrage of talented folks who hit our tables. Our High stakes game offer humongous prize amounts. We could see players all over India trying to compete in our high stakes games, to get their hands on the most coveted cash prize in the poker circles of India.

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