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Breaks Are Only For The Weak-Trip to Pattaya Day 2

Alina📁Uncategorized🕔09.January 2017
Breaks Are Only For The Weak-Trip to Pattaya Day 2

Special Delivery for our guests, 3 parties in 1 day, coming right up!

The 2nd day of our trip started with adventurous activities such as parachuting, scuba diving on Coral Island, visiting Monkey Island and cruising on a yacht full of sexy women.

Also, as we can see, Mr. Naresh Jain even tried fishing (this probably being his main concern at ourcash tablesas well).

People enjoyed their company, the sun and some of them even the ocean.

You may think it can be enough for a day, but our guests are ready to party any and every moment so let’s not forget the New Year Party! Actually, why not start with aPool Partybefore? Yes, we take FUN seriously and we prepared plenty of it for a single day.

Sexy bikini girls filled the pool, splashes and skinny dipping were a pleasure for our eyes and the dance area was not empty either. The young, beautiful girls tempt us with their seductive dance moves while the drinks kept pouring and the music kept playing.

Close to midnight we all gathered for the countdown, popped champagnes and welcomed the New Year surrounded by amazing people.

Also the guests were surprised with a few adult shows, a fire show and as expected, the party kept going until daylight. (yes, the girls left in the morning 🙂


Stay tuned for our After Movie and our player’s full Interviews!

As always, lots of love and good luck! Until next time!

 Bratu Alina Maria, head of customer relations

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