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Poker Confidential – the art of being mysterious

Arjun📁articles,online poker india🕔03.April 2018
Poker Confidential – the art of being mysterious

If you look at it one way, poker is a game that’s entirely about deception. Whether you’re playing online poker or face-to-face, whether your hand is good or not, you never want your opponent to know. If your hand is weak, you want them to think your hand is strong so that you can bluff. And, if your hand is strong, you want them to think you’re bluffing so that you can trick them into raising the pot and making it richer for you. When you’re playing poker for real money, being mysterious and inscrutable is essential and here are a few tips to help you out with that!

Avoid mechanical timing

This point is particularly important when it comes toonline poker– because you’re not playing face-to-face against other Indian poker players, they can’t read your expression and any physical tells you might have. However, what theycanandwillnotice is the speed with which you check or raise. If you get into the habit of placing bets almost instantly when you’ve got a strong hand, good opponents will pick up on that and start reading you – and that’s exactly what you don’t want.

Vary your bet sizes

Following on from the above point, make sure to vary thesizeof your bets as well to create a range of variety to throw off your opponents. If you fall into a pattern of making relatively smaller raises when your hand isn’t that good, they’ll notice and use that against you. Switch it up a bit, and you’ll keep them guessing.

Slow-play strong hands

Even when you’ve got a strong hand, there’s often value to slow-playing it. For example, if you’ve got pocket aces, your natural inclination would be to raise. However, if you call, you might fool others into thinking you’ve got a weaker hand then you do; which would lead them to make the pot even richer, which is all the better for you.

Switching up your bets

Almost all online poker players in India have a ‘range’ – that is, if their hand falls into a particular range, they’ll raise. If it falls into a different range, they’ll call, and so on. Although this is not a conscious decision on a poker player’s part, it is important to keep it in mind and to make sure that you go against this instinct every now and then. Betting outside your ‘ranges’ ensures that your opponents can never get too comfortable predicting what you’re going to do.

Betting on the turn/river

Poker playersalmost always only bet on the turn or river if they have a strong hand or a drawing hand, especially online poker players in India. While there’s sense to that, you should try to occasionally switch it up by mixing in a few different bets, even semi-bluffs, to add some unpredictability to your game.


When real money is on the poker table, you’ve got to look for every advantage you can find – and making sure your opponents can never guess what you’ll do next will go a long way towards winning you lots of real money and online poker glory!

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