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Taking “Fun” To Another Level-Trip to Pattaya Day 3

Alina📁Uncategorized🕔09.January 2017
Taking “Fun” To Another Level-Trip to Pattaya Day 3

Exactly when you think it may be over, … it’s not!

The day I seriously started to believe that our guests are super heroes, they all started the day fresh and ended it with another crazy party! We started our 3rd day with a pleasant lunch in an Indian restaurant where we shared our experiences, received some feedback, laughed and made jokes. Overall, food- very good, company-excellent!

“Shoot for the stars” they say, but since our guests already reached them, they showed off their “shoot to target” skills and we had a blast atPattaya Shooting Rangemaking sure even our female guests learned how to handle the guns. 

Next we enjoyed the colorful, electric Alcazar Show and we head out to Walking Street for a crazy fun night that will forever be remembered! So crazy I can’t express it in words (or pictures, if you know what i mean!) The only way you can imagine the rest of the night is to close your eyes and….no, I rectify that – you cannot imagine the fun we had, so the only solution left for you is to join us for the upcoming trip to Phuket! –

We also had more fun guests along with us on Walking Street and Bodyguards were accompanying us every moment of the night.

Stay tuned for our After Movie and our player’s full Interviews!

As always, lots of love and good luck! Until next time!

Bratu Alina Maria, head of customer relations

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