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KHELO365 Exotic Sports Day in Phuket Thailand!

KHELO365 Exotic Sports Day in Phuket Thailand!

Thanya📁promotions🕔16.May 2017
KHELO365 Exotic Sports Day in Phuket Thailand!

Hello to all of our KHELO365 Members!

Today we will be getting you hyped and excited for the exotic sports that our VIP members have exclusively enjoyed absolutely free!

Simply by playing atKHELO365you will gain loyalty points and other various prizes that we offer.

The prize we are talking about in today’s KHELO365 News, is that of the KHELO365 VIP Member trip to Phuket, Thailand. If you have read our previous news articles, then you know that in April 2017, KHELO365 VIP members travelled in style on an all-expense paid Yacht to the world class, beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand.

Amongst all of the entertainment; from exoticpokerPorn-stars to private Villas & amazing parties;

Our VIP members also enjoyed unlimited access to some of the most fun sports activities there is to offer.

So now I expect you are thinking… “Wait! What are all these exotic sports that you are raving on and on about?”

Okay, wait no further, let’s take a look, right now, at the specifics of what you can enjoy as aKHELO365 VIPMember!

KHELO365 VIP Members join us on amazing trips and gain exclusive access to the following:


ZORBING – ROLLERBALL (What is this?!)

A Rollerball, or Zorb, is a large plastic sphere which can roll down a hill with two passengers floating in the water inside the ball.

These are very unique when compared to the walk on water zorbs you may have seen before.

Frankly, our VIP members seemed to enjoy this activity the most!

They said it was such a huge rush of adrenaline & was an experience that everyone simply must try!

KHELO365 Zorbing took place on a grassed hill top that is truly an exhilarating roll all the way downhill, which you can enjoy either by yourself or with a friend! It has been designed for the plastic bubbles to roll down, safely.

See for yourself



This probably needs little explanation. However, you simply must take a quick look at our Go-kart Speedway.

It’s truly one of the best public Go-Kart tracks in the world. And for our VIP members, it is unlimited and FREE!!!




PaintBall is a one of a kind sport where you actually get rewarded for shooting people.

Get dressed up in the latest paintball gear and prepare yourself for a very realistic combat action course where you will get to play various combat scenarios on beautiful paintball courses.

Don’t worry, you are provided with a suit and the paint is 100% water solluable, which means it washes off with ease! 



Scuba Diving

We at KHELO365 treated our VIP guests to explore the ocean world in Phuket.

If you didn’t already know, Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in the world! We can assure you of this with both statistics & personal experience! KHELO365 VIP members enjoyed the depths of Phuket, with all expenses paid.


Wondering how it would feel being a VIP player, keep playing on and climbing up theleaderboards.

All of us at KHELO365 want to wish you good luck & encourage you to claim your VIP membership!

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