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Immortals Poker Daily Cash Game Leaderboard

Immortals Poker Daily Cash Game Leaderboard

admin📁Promotions🕔26.February 2019
Immortals Poker Daily Cash Game Leaderboard

 Immortals Poker Daily Cash Game Leaderboard –Race ahead of your competitors

 Those of you reading this article who are interested to compete in real money  need to continue readingbecause we are about to inform you about a thrilling contest Immortals poker Daily Cash Leaderboard thatyou can be a part of everyday at

Immortal Daily Cash Leaderboard is yet great real money poker online  offering from

opportunity to clash

Embark on a journey of playing rousing poker cash game in our tables and navigate your way to the top of the leaderboard under all the three categories. With awesome cash prizes at every level, there is no harm in trying out with a nominal buy-in. Not only you get a chance to win cash prizes but also an opportunity to clash with some of the most brilliantpoker players  in India. A poker leaderboard is a perfect platform that is deemed as the ultimate strength of a poker players’ skill. So, do you believe you have it in you to topple the best of the best and seal the spot! Then, the field’s wide open! Hop in to enjoy some hot poker action!

Earn more Loyalty Points

This leaderboard contest is designed for prolific poker players who breathe  poker every moment. Coming in a simple format, the contest require player to play poker online cash games and they are ranked based on the number of loyalty points they have generated.

Cash game players earn loyalty points every time they play for real money at Players can navigate to the top of the leaderboard with a combination of volume and skill. The more you play, the more your chances are! If you are a grinder, chances are such that you may win cash prizes every day. Remember, this is something apart from your cash winnings that you accrue from the tables.


Leaderboard Levels!

immortals leaderboard

Spread across 3 levels – Hades, Ares, and Apollo, the leaderboard contests offer something to grab for players at all levels. Top 7 players under each level are paid out in real money chips.


Hades– Play on Cash games with stakes ranging from 1/2 to 2/5 to have a chance to feature in this level.

Ares– Play on cash games with stakes ranging from 5/10 to 25/50 to have a chance to feature in this level.

Apollo– Play on cash games with stakes ranging from 50/100 to 100/200 to have a chance to feature in this level.


The leaderboard contests at all level start from 05.30 AM and will end on 05.29 AM of next day. Payouts for all the Leaderboards will be done on following day by 2pm. If you have enough time on your hands, you can try aim for the cash prizes on all the three levels. Winning 3 leaderboard contests in a day is sure a bragging right that you can carry through the rest of your poker journey!

All you need to get involved in these leaderboards is a Khelo365.  Download Khelo365 poker  or play online. If you are someone who enjoys playing poker on the move, download Khelo365poker mobile appand take a shot at the real cash prizes.


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