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Introducing Masters Sit&Go!

Introducing Masters Sit&Go!

Arjun📁Promotions🕔24.May 2018
Introducing Masters Sit&Go!

We at Khelo365 are delighted to introduceMasters Sit&Go– our new take on the popular Sit&Go format! We’ve tweaked and remodelled it to be the most player-friendly game yet!

Here’s how the Masters SNG works – players can gain entry to Level 1 through two different buy-in amounts. Once in, you will be grouped with five other players and the game will begin.

In Sit&Go Masters, players will be required to play the game through to its conclusion; and then the winner will receive a ticket for entry into Level 2. Level 2 functions exactly the same way, and the top two players will be rewarded at the end of Level 3.

Masters Sit&Go offers you an unprecedented way to multiply your winnings – a buy-in of just Rs. 100 could become a jackpot worth Rs. 14040! And all you’ve got to do to get to that figure is to win three games; but the best part is that you don’t even have to play all three levels in a single sitting – as long as you’ve got a ticket to the next level, when you cash it in and start playing is entirely up to you!

So, not only is the Masters SNG lucrative, it’salsoone of the most convenient ways to play poker online. Sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily, it’s live right now and you canget started right away!

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