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Poker Confidential – how to build a winning habit

Poker Confidential – how to build a winning habit

Arjun📁Strategy🕔17.April 2018
Poker Confidential – how to build a winning habit

Playing poker for real money is an art, and it requires a level of consistent play that not every poker player can produce. However, it isn’t so difficult to get to the point where you are confident of bringing your A-game to whichever poker game you play. Today inPoker Confidential, we’re going to discuss a few of the ways in which you can build up a habit of winning in online poker!

Prepare your body

This is something that is often overlooked by online poker players in India, but it’s absolutely essential for the sake of building a winning habit – your physical condition matters. Now, of course we’re not saying that you need to be able to set 100m records in order to do well at poker; but youdoneed to take care of yourself.

Why? Well, think about it – would you play poker better after a full night’s sleep, or maybe just a nap that lasted for a couple of hours? Being properly rested and mindful of proper nutrition helps you maintain your mental equilibrium. Winning a major high-stakes tournament while simultaneously half-asleep and on a sugar rush from too many soft drinks isn’timpossible– but why would you make it harder for yourself?

Prepare your mind

Of course, your mental condition is hugely important too. Almost every online poker player plays their best when they’renotangry or irritated or upset or depressed – it’s possible to compartmentalize, but some of that will leak through into your game. Try to cultivate a mental state of calm and relaxation. Positivity is key, which brings us to…

Play to win

If you’re going to be the best, you need to go into every game, every round and every handknowingthat you’re good enough to win – every single time. Confidence doesn’t just do wonders for your mental strength, but it also radiates outward making your opponents less sure of themselves. A confident poker player is a poker player who’s laid a foundation for success.

Put your money where your mouth is

Speaking of success, you know whatisn’thelpful? Worrying about money. Ensuring that you’re more than adequately bankrolled will help you ignore worries about being short-stacked soon and get on with the business of winning. Money is an important facet of online poker, yes; but the more you can get it off your mind, the more of it you’re likely to win.

Play the long game

And finally, you must always realize that you’re in this for the long haul. Setbacks are momentary, and don’t get carried away by windfalls either – you’re going to stay the course and you’ve got to keep thinking about winning big or winning it all at the end of the day. Don’t work against yourself with short-term thinking, and you’ll be even more likely to come out ahead in the long term.


And that’s it for another round of Poker Confidential! Another way to build a winning habit is to avoid some of the common poker mistakes we wrote about last week, so why notread that next?


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