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Poker Confidential – common poker mistakes

Poker Confidential – common poker mistakes

Arjun📁Strategy🕔10.April 2018
Poker Confidential – common poker mistakes

Last week, we spoke about how you couldbe more consistentwhen it came to playing online poker. However, things aren’t always going to go your way – which is why, today, we’re talking about some common mistakes poker players make and how you can fix or avoid them.

Fatalistic thinking

Let’s start with a mistake that many make before the game’s even begun – if you go into a game thinking that you’re going to lose, you probably will. Heck, if you go into a game at peace with the idea of losing, that’s probably not going to help you too much either. You want to be sitting down at that table convinced that you can and will win, and anything else is going to set you up for defeat.

Going in short-stacked

Another problem that can arise before a game begins is when an online poker player is unwilling to go in with a substantial bankroll. Being short-stacked can drastically affect your play, impacting your willingness to call and to raise to a substantial degree whether you realize it or not. Unfortunately, your opponents will and they’ll likely make the most of it.

Not bluffing enough

This is something that new poker players in India often do – they refuse to bluff. Playing online poker in the tightest of manners isn’t going to help you win, because any opponent with even a little bit of experience is going to dismantle that playstyle and leave you with nothing.

Relying on hunches

Gut instinct is all well and good, but relying on reason, logic and experience will win you poker games far more often. When you’re playing online poker for real money, you want your intellect and knowledge of the game to be in the driving seat – not a hunch.

Listening to your ego

Youdefinitelydon’t want your ego to be in the driving seat, either. Trying to prove something to your opponents, or trying to make the big aggressive plays when you really shouldn’t, is an easy way to ensure that your chips won’t be in your possession for long.

Reluctance to fold

Ego can sometimes create a reluctance to fold, as can an inability to bear the thought of being bluffed out of a pot. This is a dangerous tendency, as it results inonline poker playersstaying in rounds with hands that they simply have no business playing.

Not pressing your advantage

The flip side of the above point is that you’ve got to know when to press your advantage and be aggressive. When you’ve got a hand that can dominate the board and you’re playing for real money, you’ve got to make it count. If you don’t, then you won’t do enough damage to your opponents’ stacks to prevent them from doing more to yours in the long run.

Now that you know what to watch out for, you’ll be able to avoid making these common poker mistakes. Did we miss any? Let us know!


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