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Poker success through non-poker tips, part 1-blog

Poker success through non-poker tips, part 1-blog

Arjun📁Tips🕔19.June 2018
Poker success through non-poker tips, part 1-blog

Here atKhelo365, we spend a lot of time talking about  poker strategy and tips to help you do better at online poker.  Most of thepoker tipsout there directly relate to the game of poker as it’s being played. Fair enough, right? However, what about all the things you can doawayfrom thepoker tablethat can help you succeed when you’re actually sitting at it?

That’s what we’re talking about today, starting with:

Take a break

We’ve said this before, but it’s important enough to say it again – take a break every once in a while. Especially when playing online  poker,  it’s easy to just forget time and get lost in the game but that isn’t good for you.

The longer a particular session goes on, the more tired you’re going to be – and the more your play will suffer. Just walk away from the computer, grab some water, maybe get some fresh air; you’ll be more focused and up for it when you come back.

Avoid distractions

In footage of live poker games, you often see poker players glued to their phones during play. However, you’ll notice that the best players don’t let themselves get distracted – they stay switched on and clued in to what’s happening around the table. Smartphones and getting into conversations with people can be very distracting when you’re playing live poker, just as switching away from your active poker game to check out another tab or browser is for online poker. Avoid both, and you’ll be better off.

Watch what you eat/drink

If you’re reading this, you’re probably serious about improving your poker game. Thus you almost certainly already know that drinking alcohol is only going to make it worse. Booze isn’t the only thing to watch out for, though – any kind of soft drink is going to be bad for you when the inevitable sugar crash hits. Also, stay away from heavy food that can make you drowsy.

That’s just the beginning;  for part 2!

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