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How to take advantage of a winning streak

How to take advantage of a winning streak

Arjun📁Tips🕔27.April 2018
How to take advantage of a winning streak

After yesterday’s post about breaking out of a losing streak, we thought we may as well spend a little time talking about the other – more pleasant! – side of the coin – how to get the most out of a winning streak. Winning streaks happen due to a number of factors – maybe the cards are going your way, maybe the other players at your table are just not in the same league as you on the day, or maybe you’re just playing very well. The reason’s immaterial – what you care about is ensuring you make this winning streak count, and here’s how you can do just that.

Get involved

This is particularly important when playing against weaker players. (Note – weaker players refers to both players who are less skilled than you, as well as players who are as skilled or better than you but who are just having a bad day.) Whenplayerswho fall into either of those categories limp, you need to be raising. This can potentially isolate them, and it also prevents them from getting to see the flop cheaply.

Push position

Once the other players realize that you’re playing a more aggressive gamewith more pre-flop raises, that’s where position will start becoming hugely important. Your opponents are going to start calling you more often, and that’s where you can really make position count. It’s good to be reasonably aggressive when things are going your way, but when you’ve got position as well? That’s when youreallyneed to put the pedal to the metal.

Maintain the pressure

When they check, you raise. When they raise, you re-raise. Of course, this isn’t a blanket rule – but it’s one that you should always be thinking about doing in every hand. Play a bit more loose than you might normally and bet with hands that you might not have otherwise; and, when you’ve got a good hand, just bet all the way through. If you keep the pressure up, that will push your opponents into making suboptimal plays as a result of not having the time or space to think about things more rationally.

Of course, all winning sprees will come to an end; and you’ve got to be careful that your play isn’ttooaggressive or wild either. However, carefully-controlled aggression and relentlessness is the key to getting the most out of your winning streak.

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