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admin📁Tips🕔19.November 2018

They say “  Poker  is 5 minutes to learn and lifetime to Master”. Also, it’s not simply a game of odds, moves and calculations; it’s a game of controlled and exploited emotions. A few tips for beginners to learn and master the game – Poker.

  1. “Act like an owl, think like a fox”

While playing online poker, avoid betting, when you have hands of mediocre strength. Wait for your opponent to act and then make your move. Always play the person, not the cards. If you play poker with medium hands, the probability of losing is high.

  1. “Make Hay while the Sun Shines”

Bet only when you have a strong hand. Strong hand here refers to having high value or better pair cards. These cards will help to build the pot.

  1. “Be a devil in disguise”

Find the perfect time to act using the backdoor potential. Backdoor in Poker refers to draw that has been completed using the turn and river (running cards).Hence, here you are actually making an original draw with the not so original cards. (Cards in disguise). These types of hands work very well as bluffs because they can hit very disguised strong hands.

  1. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”

If you have high cards in hand, like QQ and AK, do not get into the trap of betting in the Pre-flop just because you have these high cards, it may turn to be a nightmare. Instead build the pot by putting in a 3-bet (re-raise)

  1. “Choosy Bet-Easy Win”

While playing Poker, ensure you are very selective with the hands you bet on the flop. When there are more number of players seeing the flop, you should check out for stronger hands to place the bet.

Check when you have a high value of pairs.

Bet a smaller amount when you have 2 pairs or a stronger draw.

Fold when you have more number of bluffs. Even when the bet is small, think twice.

6.“Tomorrow Never Comes”

While playing Poker, if you keep betting to check the opponent’s strength, you may lose the whole amount if the opponent is having a stronger hand and tactically luring you to bet.

Go by your instincts while playing Poker. If your instinct tells you that it’s your turn to bet, then go by it. Avoid the float bet strategy as it may lead to a very big loss.

7.“Know when to bell the cat”

In poker, if you need to get all-in by the river check-raise your strongest hands, mostly after defending you big blind against a steal, you should check-raise your strong hand

  1. “Beat around the Bush”

Don’t play every single hand. At times you need to fold. Playing straight would not be the right choice. It’s fun to play hide and seek at times. If you are new to  online poker tournaments   it’s always good to wait and watch others playing when you do not have a good hand. This would turn out to be a great advantage/  learning of Poker  for you.

  1. “Be the tortoise and not the hare”

The newbies in online poker should start very slowly. Try not to play at very high stakes. If possible try and play a few free roll tournaments. Slow and Steady wins.

  1. “Bring out the monster in you”

Play aggressive at times, but only when you are sure that you opponent has a weak hand or a bit inactive in the game. This might increase your chances to win a good amount from the pot.

  1. “Cut your coat according to your cloth”

Just because you have a high hand or won at a stretch, don’t go for high limits. This will turn out to be fatal in online poker. You might have done very well at a low/moderate stake, but when you want to bet higher at the higher end stake, as a beginner there will definitely be more skilled players. You do not want to become their bait. So never ever aim for the highest hands. But Make sure you are really conscious of the board texture when check-raising.

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