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Why Position plays an important role in Poker

admin📁Uncategorized🕔13.December 2016
Why Position plays an important role in Poker

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Whenever you sit down at an online poker table in India (we recommend – top site for online poker India)the first thing you need to watch out is your position (ie) where you are seated on the table. It might appear funny but the position makes a lot of difference in the outcome. The position remains as the single most valuable commodity to have in a poker table.

Commonly Position (in online poker India or other alike sites) is the term used to refer that you are the last one to act at a poker table. You hold numerous advantages if you occupy the later position seat with regards to bluffing and trapping your fellow players.

The primary thing you need to watch is the dealer button, indicated by D (circled). The position next to the left of the dealer is small blind and the position next to it is called the big blind. They start the action with fixed bets specified in the beginning. After the big blind and small blind, the action moves clockwise with the players making their moves (bet, raise) based on the previous player’s action.

Though skill level or your hand can hold you in some advantage, being in a late position will give you a clear edge as you gain enough information about your opponents’ hands.

Early Position

Being in an early position is extremely difficult considering the fact that you have no idea what other players are up to. So you must play only the best hands if you had one. The consoling factor, however, is dealer button keeps moving every game. So you can count on a chance to be a dealer.

Mid Position

Though you are not in a chokehold as much as players in an early position, you are still at a disadvantage as there is a player behind you. The freedom to bet/raise is largely curtailed because of the possibility of player behind you holding better hands

Late Position

On the other hand being in late position enables you to identify the following;

• Information based on the decisions (bet or fold), of the players who preceded them.

• You can raise the bet and count on opponents to fold as they will be wary of you having better hands

• Your opponents sitting ahead of you in the table would fold when they have bad hands, so the pot amount would directly come to you irrespective of the hand you have.

• Acting last enables you to make your bets more accurate.

• You can bluff your way to your top

Eg: If the preceding player who has (K, 10) has raised the bet, You can bluff him and make him fold by re-raising even though you do not have great hand cards)

Though late-position players win more often, it discounts the fact that if you’re skilled enough you can easily thwart any hurdles. has always been the place where we skills rule the roost. We have turned many poker novices into poker monsters. If you’d want to be a poker monster, simply join us by entering some details to complete your registration.


Hope you enjoyed this informative strategy post, until the next! 


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