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The pros of being a poker newbie – blog

Arjun📁articles🕔14.May 2018
The pros of being a poker newbie – blog

Many of the posts we write on this blog are aimed at players who are new or relatively inexperienced in the world of online poker, and so we try to help close the gap between them and more experienced players of the game. However, being a poker newbie can also work in your favour so don’t be discouraged if you’re just starting out!Here’s how it can help:


Picture this – there’s a few veteran poker players who log into theirfavourite online pokerapplication every evening. As they usually tend to log in at the same time, they wind up playing against each other a lot; and, as a result, they’re very familiar with each other’s style of play and unique mannerisms. Now, a new player – you – log in and take your place. And none of them know anything about you. They don’t know how you play, or how you bluff, or anything about you at all.

It’s often overlooked, but being a new player means that you’re less likely to run into people who’ve played against you for extended periods of time – meaning that your opponents are essentially starting from scratch, just as you are. Play well, and you can take control of the situation and turn that level playing field into one that you come out on top of.


Being a good online poker player inevitably brings with it a measure of confidence – however, that can quickly cross the line into arrogance. Often, good players become quite cocky about the prospect of playing against newbies, assuming that they’ll be able to take the new player’s money without too much trouble. However, like we said above, they don’t know how you play so they’ll watch your first few hands like a hawk.

And that’s exactly where you can trip them up. Because you know that they’ll be watching you closely, you can use that to your advantage by doing the opposite of what you usually do. For example, if you’re usually a loose-aggressive player, try folding a lot initially, especially when confronted with a raise. This tight playstyle will immediately create an impression of you at the table, and the other players will be certain that they’ve got you figured out. And, because they’re underestimating you, they won’t pause to consider whether you might’ve been playing the long game instead.

So cheer up, new poker players! There are reasons to be confident; and, just think, once you’ve gotten the better of a few more experienced players, you’ll start to be given the respect you’re due!khelo365

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