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Q&A with Ashish Dhaka

Arjun📁articles🕔08.March 2018
Q&A with Ashish Dhaka

Every now and then, we like to shine a spotlight on some of ourhigh-rollers,and here today is Ashish Dhaka!


Hey Ashish! Why don’t you introduce yourselves for the folks at home?

Hey, I’m Ashish from Jaipur! I work as a Data Scientist for a leading credit card firm. My passions are travelling (I’d love to travel all around the world if I could!) reading and coffee. And obviously poker too! For me, poker is the most interesting and challenging sport there is.

We agree completely! So when did you discoverKhelo365?

I started playing on Khelo365.com during my 3rd year of college. At the time, I was just getting into online poker and playing on multiple websites, and I wanted to try other available platforms.

Well, we’re glad you found us! You’re on a bit of a roll right now, so how does being on a winning streak feel?

It feels really good! But a winning streak also carries with it a lot of pressure – you need to maintain the stack, and the only way to retain that winning drive and focus is if you get your head straight and play with all your concentration and energy.

How often do you play?

Quite frequently – it depends on my work load, really.

Fair enough. So what would you say is the biggest reason behind your success?

Strict discipline, I’m very disciplined about how I play – although sometimes I do vacillate too! I’m always trying to learn from the pros – Phil Ivey, in particular – and I try to aim for small leaps of progress at a time.

Also, the real indicator of success in poker is not the money you can win. In poker, the real winnings are whether you can learn from your mistakes or not. I’ve recognized the mistakes I make, I’ve worked on them and that has brought me good results.

Clearly, something’s working! What’s your favourite thing about poker?

What fascinates me the most about poker is how a minor decision of yours at the table can seal your fate – for better or worse – and you may not even realize it at the time.

And about Khelo365?

Where to begin? The transformation that Khelo365 has brought via its user interface, the Sit&Go tables, the promotional party events – there are so many commendable aspects. That’s why Khelo365 is the only online poker website where I play poker these days, as you’ve always kept surprising me in good ways and providing me with great experiences.

Speaking of great experiences, you were a part of our last VIP party in Pattaya – what did you think?

It was just unforgettable. That was the kind of trip that a poker player only dreams of – the parties, the adventure activities, getting tohang out with other top players– and I couldn’t believe that it was coming true.

Glad to hear it! So you must be looking forward to the next one, then…

Definitely! I hope the next party is even crazier, more fun-filled and more memorable.

We’ll definitely try! Congratulations on the new iPhone, by the way!

Thanks! I was considering buying an iPhone X, but then Khelo came up with yet another innovative idea – offering the iPhone X as part of the Khelo365 Store. So I picked it up and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

We can imagine! We’re curious, though – what made you choose the iPhone X over a Party Package?

I was tempted by the Party Packages on offer, but I needed a new phone for now. That said, I know I’m not far from collecting enoughKhelo365 Coinsto buy a Party Package!

That’s the spirit – all the best, Ashish!

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