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Sit&Go Weekly Leaderboards

Nick📁Uncategorized🕔04.January 2018
Sit&Go Weekly Leaderboards

A happy chance or serendipity that will definitely guide you to find something good; without even looking for it.

Khelo365 provides a happy chance for all players with Sit&Go Weekly Leaderboards.

Sit&Go offers the easiest competition in the poker game. Sit&Go Weekly Leaderboards are the sweet spot for all the players to build up their bankroll by using three different types of Leaderboards – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

What is the Time frame for this Leaderboard?

Well, our title says it all. You guessed it, it’s Weekly! Running from every Saturday to Friday. We announce the Winners every Saturday.

Why do we have 3 different Sit&Go Leaderboards?

A wide range of stakes are available that are starting from just Rs.25 and up to Rs.50, 000 Buy-in.  

Gold Leaderboard

Top 10 rankers on the Gold Leaderboard will receive a ticket to ‘Your chance at Fortune’ Rs.300K Bonus Money Freeroll and the Real cash prizes are offered at 100k, 75k, 50k & 25k for Top 4 rankers. To participate in Gold Leaderboard Buy-in varies from Rs. 5000/- to Rs.50, 000/-

Silver Leaderboard

Buy-in varies from Rs. 500/- to Rs.2,000/- in Silver Leaderboard. The top ten rankers are guaranteed with tickets to ‘Your Chance at Fortune’ Rs.200K Bonus Money Freeroll. Along with the tickets, top 4 winners will also receive real cash prizes at 25k, 20k, 15k & 10k.

Bronze Leaderboard

Tickets to ‘Your Chance at Fortune’ Rs.100K Bonus Money Freeroll is issued to top 10 rankers of the Bronze Leaderboard. The top 4 receives real cash prizes at 10k, 7.5k, 5k & 2.5k. The Buy-in value ranges from only Rs.25/- to Rs.200/-

How do I increase Sit&Go Leaderboard points?

The more you play our Sit&Go tournaments the more you accumulate your Leaderboard points.

Are you ready to join Sit&Go Leaderboards?

Then why do you need to wait. Do the following steps right away to chip into Sit&Go Leaderboards.

  • Deposit a minimum of Rs.1000 using our promo code: LEADERBOARD

I guess we could also call them Easy-to-Win Leaderboards since is so easy and effective to rank in them. Grab your thirst for winning and secure your place in our fun Leaderboards.


See you on Khelo365 –Your Chance at Fame and Fortune.


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