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Tournament Winners Announced! Win2Double Saturday & Sunday Mini Millions

Thanya📁Uncategorized🕔23.May 2017
Tournament Winners Announced! Win2Double Saturday & Sunday Mini Millions

Where were you this weekend, May 20th– 21st?

Haven’t you heard about the Win2Double Mini Millions Tournaments at

This Saturday and Sunday players competed in both No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha Tournaments,each with a gaurantee of Rs. 250k.

Now that’s a prize pool worth playing for! Even more so when all cash prizes are doubled for all of the tournament winners!


Congratulations to all of the tournament winners!



Saturday’s Final Hand:

Pre – FLOP

Pre-Flop Sreeni123 raised ALL-IN for 65,000 chips. IceQueen instantly called the raise. IceQueen was holdingAs Qswhile Sreeni123 was holdingAh Ac.

The FLOP – 2s 5s 8c

The Flop gave IceQueen the NUT FLUSH DRAW of spades, whilst Sreeni123 still held the lead with his Pocket Aces.

The TURN – 10s

The Turn came 10 of spades giving IceQueen the NUT FLUSH and the guaranteed win for this tournament.

The RIVER – 4c

The River had no consequence to either player, allowing IceQueen to officially claim his victory in this exciting tournament.


Sunday’s Final Hand:

Pre – FLOP

In the final hand it was IceQueen up against Roger22. The blinds were 4000/8000. IceQueen raised the pot to 20,800 and Roger22 called.

The FLOP – Kh 7c 8c

After the FLOP Roger22 bet 50,400. IceQueen Raised to ALL-IN for 201,600 and Roger22 called. Then the players revealed their cards.

Roger22’s hand –Qc Kc 8s 6h

IceQueen’s hand –7s Qh 2c Ac

The FLOP gave Roger22 Two Pairs & a King High Flush Draw and gave IceQueen a pair of sevens and the Nut Flush Draw.

The TURN – 10h

The turn didn’t change much for either player’s hand.

The River – 7h

The River was the deciding card in this final hand of the tournament. Giving IceQueen a Set of 7’s (3 of a kind) and the 1stplace prize!


What do you think about this hand? Do you think IceQueen “sucked out” (got lucky) on the River?

We say such is the way of Poker!

At the end of it all, both luck and skill aided IceQueen, whom was rewarded handsomely for the tournament victory!

Now the name stands on the top of KHELO365 leaderboards, and the bragging rights belong to IceQueen; at least for this weekend…



Tournament Prizes are Doubled!

To make matters even sweeter for these 4 tournament winners, their story doesn’t end here.

Remember that this isn’t an ordinary tournament! This tournament is part of the Win2Double promotion!

That means that these 4 player’s had their tournament cash prizes increased to twice the amount listed above!

That’s the beauty of the Win2Double tournaments, allowing our players to win more cash! & have more fun!


Chance to win big every weekend!

If you missed your chance to win your share of the tournament prize pool, then don’t despair!

This very same tournament is running every Saturday until December 25th.

This means you will have another chance this coming weekend and every weekend that follows until the end of 2017.

You too could be a Win2Double Tournament winner! And with prizes like these why wouldn’t you be a part of the action? 

Make 2017 your year to win big every weekend only


Play more! Win more!

If you simply cannot get enough of these tournaments, and you want to play more, then come play Pot Limit Omaha High every Sunday!

This Sunday, May 21st the prize pool reached just shy of Rs. 365k! The action was very intense at the tables.

After fighting through some stone-cold bluffs and dodging traps set by their opponents, 4 players emerged victorious and claimed their share of Sundays Tournament cash prizes!


It’s always a sweet and invigorating feeling for an online poker player, when they cash out at the conclusion of a big tournament!

These 4 players have earned their cash prizes and will surely be excited to brag about their big win to all of their poker friends.



Thank you for playing & see you next weekend

We want to thank everyone who comes and plays the KHELO365 weekend tournaments, and for those who fell just short of “Making it to the money” last weekend, don’t give up! Keep playing!

Come back this Saturday & Sunday for your chance to claim your spot on the leaderboards and earn your big cash rewards!

Now as we look forward to next weekend’s tournaments, we are all wondering who will take claim the first place spot in Saturdays and Sundays big Win2Double Tournaments.

If you’re reading this, ask yourself “Am I going to let the same players take all the glory and cash prizes?”

Don’t let that happen! You can win!

Now just one question remains! Who will be our next Win2Double Weekend winners, will your name be on the leaderboards?

One thing is for certain, you have to play to win! We hope to see you at the next tournament, and while you are waiting for the weekend tournaments, you can practice your poker skills every day.


Log in to KHELO365 every day between now and December 25th2017 and you will find a Win2Double Tournament running.

The tournaments run 7 days a week from 9:00am to Midnight! So, what are you waiting for?

Start playing now! And as always we wish you good luck and encourage you to keep playing for your chance to win Double Cash Prizes, only!


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