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VIP Poker Players Trip To Phuket News Alert!

Thanya📁online poker india🕔06.March 2017
VIP Poker Players Trip To Phuket News Alert! has officially changed the dates of the Phuket -I Will Survive in Thailand VIP Trip from April 13th – 17th to April 27th– May 1st

The  I WILL SURVIVE TRIP to Phuket Thailand VIP Trip dates are now officially set forApril 27th – May 1st.

We want to take this opportunity to apologize to our members who wrote the previous date on their calendars already. However, please know thatKhelo365is always thinking of its players first.

Yes! That’s right! We changed the date for You!Our team at Khelo365 personally traveled to Phuket in February to find the perfect place for you, our potential VIP Members. We traveled there to prepare your accommodation – months in advance. When we went, we received good news. The place we wanted was available for these datesApril 27th– May 1stso that’s why we changed it. The locals assured us the weather is beautiful and just near perfect for a vacation in Thailand around this time of late April.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this change of dates might cause our VIP members, however, we are confident you will be very pleased when you arrive and see everything that we have prepared for you.

Wait! Some of you haven’t heard?!

As you are reading this, online poker players in India from all walks of life are competing atwww.Khelo365.comto win their spot in our VIP Poker Promotion. The day for the Khelo365I WILL SURVIVE TRIP  to Phuket is arriving soon. 9 lucky VIP winners will spend 3 nights in the beautiful beach resorts and exciting city of Phuket Thailand. Phuket is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not to mention, the night life is something you do not want to miss! This is an opportunity of a life time! This is one online poker promotion you absolutely do not want to miss out on! But don’t just take our word for it.


See for yourself what our 2016 New Year’s VIP winners have to say about Khelo365 & the Sleepless Nights in PattayaThailand trip:

“To be very frank, when I got to know about this (Khelo365 VIP Party) trip – I never thought this could be so amazing. I thought OK yaar – we are gonna have some fun, move around, a couple of drinks and then it will be done. But, I didn’t expect this. I could only sum it up by saying this was one of the craziest, wildest, awesomest experiences I have ever had.”            – Mr. Ankush Kumar (VIP winner of Khelo365 New Years – Sleepless Nights in Pattaya)

You must be curious! What are the exciting prizes for our 9-VIP Winners? For starters, you can win a Mercedes Benz, Honda City, Maruti Swift, Gold Plated iPhones, etc. You will cruise on an all-expenses paid Yacht! And yes! There will be a party on the Yacht. This exclusive Khelo365 poker promotion will include VIP Parties, a private Villa, scuba diving, and much more! Don’t miss out! Log on to Khelo365 now and keep climbing the leaderboard to claim your spot in the Khelo365 VIP poker promotion trip to Phuket. You can check out all of the Khelo365 poker promotions ONLY at -India’s First LegalOnline Poker Site!



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