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Want to rule the world? Play Poker

Thanya📁articles,online poker india🕔31.January 2017
Want to rule the world? Play Poker

Do you speak your mind or do you mind your speech?

If you’re a poker player, then you’re probably very mindful of the words that come out of your mouth.

Unlike other people, you don’t say everything that’s on your mind.. Instead, you use your words as weapon to get exactly what you want.

Poker players are masters at weaponized conversation.

This style of talking is known as Powertalk, a phrase coined by independent consultant Venkatesh Rao.

In essence, Powertalk is the intentional use of word choice, phrasing and ambiguity to benefit the speaker. There are many ways in which Powertalk is used:

– Maintaining ambiguity and giving yourself an “escape route”

– Getting information out of somebody

– Concealing your own intentions / protecting your own information

– Communicating with other Powertalkers

As a result of playing poker, we come realize that very few powerful people ever reveal their true intentions. Powerful people talk in a secret code language and only speak when there’s something to gain from speaking.

This is in contrast to the majority of men who brainfart constantly and say the first thing pops in their head. Brainfarters rarely succeed in life because they are unaware of the powerful impact of their choice of words. They ramble on incessantly on random topics like a person driving a car going left and right and making u-turns without a destination in mind. Such men are doomed to a life of mediocrity and failure.

Unlike men, women are experts in Powertalk. Think of the president of a woman’s group and how she’ll compliment her followers and praise them for all the hard work they’ve done even if they’ve done nothing. This flattery is done solely for the purpose of maintaining her social status as president or graining favor among her followers.

When a woman rejects a man for being “too nice”, she is once again using powertalk. What she actually means is “you’re boring”.

She knows that if she tells a man he’s boring he’ll get angry and might be react violently. So instead, she puts the blame on herself, making it seem like it’s her fault for going after someone too good for her. She’ll sound like she regrets having to let go of such a “nice guy” when in fact all she wants is for him to shut up and leave her alone.

Powertalking men see though this kind of talk and it’s why Powertalkers achieve such success in all aspects of life. It’s the Powertalkers that become the leaders of corporations, the heads of nations and titans that conquer the world.

It’s poker players who are the world’s most skilled Powertalkers.

Just try striking up a conversation with any of the poker playing gentlemen on the leaderboard of Khelo365.com and see for yourself, the magic of Powertalk in action.

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