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When to employ Bluffing in Poker?

When to employ Bluffing in Poker?

admin📁Strategy🕔13.December 2016
When to employ Bluffing in Poker?

A Poker Rule You Should Know, When to employ Bluffing in Poker?

Bluffing is one of the important skills to be learned in poker. Without bluffing, poker wouldn’t be poker. Bluffing can be simply called as deception – you deceive your opponents by any means. When it comes to Poker, bluffing can be referred to pulling an act meant to make your weak hand look stronger with the intent of making your opponents fold their cards. Bluffing continues to be an intriguing element in thegame of pokerfor all its intents and purposes. There are no hard and fast rules as far as bluffing is concerned. You learn it along while playing the game for a considerable amount of time.

Bluffing in online poker is somewhat difficult when compared to bluffing at real tables. In casinos and clubs where you play at real tables, there are some telling signs (some may even start to sweat) in the face of your opponents that could indicate that they might be bluffing. You do not have that luxury while playing online poker as everyone is anonymous. However, you will learn the art of bluffing automatically once you spend enough times in a poker site. At this juncture, it becomes important to discuss the effective ways to which act of bluffing can be put to optimal use. For that, we need to analyze various factors that we shall discuss in detail;

  1. Opponents

Knowing your opponents is primarily important. You must know what your opponent is up to before you set him up for bait. For that, you must practice playing poker as many times as possible, learn poker skills from various websites and read books and blogs by successful poker players. Once you are skilled enough, it becomes easy for you to analyze your opponents’ hand cards and you can calculate the odds and place the bet. It is advisable to aim a maximum of 2 players at a time to bluff as aiming to bluff multiple players could be counterproductive. But one cannot deny that your bluffing might cause more than one players to fall.

  1. Strength of your hands

When you know that you cannot win the game with your hand cards, it is better to employ bluffing. This works well once the river card is down as most experienced players wouldn’t fold in pre-flop, flop and turn. It’s a big gamble to raise the bet amount as you might lose a lot, but it works most of the time as your opponents would always be wary of your cards and fold under those circumstances. Now the pot amount becomes all yours!

  1. Semi-Bluff

Semi-Bluff is a bluff made during flop most of the time. We call them as a bluff employed when you still have a chance of making the best hand on future cards.

Eg: Raising with A♥4♥ on a flop of K♥Q♠ 2♥ can be called as a semi-bluff. It is not that you have the bad hand now (making it a bluff), but a hearts on the turn or the river would give you a flush and the best hand.

  1. Last Position

If you are in the last position, you have the luxury of knowing all your players’ actions. Bluffing becomes an easy task as most of your opponents would have already folded and the pending few would already be wary of your cards. You can use their anxiety to your advantage; raise the bet and count on them to fold.

  1. Strong Hands

You have an Ace and King as hole cards, but the bets are frustratingly low. You can bluff by raising the bet just to increase the pot amount. This works better after flop as most players wouldn’t fold and would believe they have every chance to snatch the pot amount.

Poker bluffing is an art because players have to take a lot of these factors into consideration. While Playing Online poker bluffing is always a challenge as you never know when it is going to come. While it is true that bluffing will come in handy many times, you must be cautious not to overuse it, as the image of being a serial bluffer could hamper your future prospects. Now that you have learned to bluff, you must go and apply your bluffing skills by playing at India’s bestonline poker site.

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