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Why do beautiful ladies go crazy for poker players?

Thanya📁articles,online poker india🕔31.January 2017
Why do beautiful ladies go crazy for poker players?

Women just won’t leave you alone!

This is a problem faced by thousands of high stakes poker players across the country. You sit down for a decent game and suddenly all the hottest women in the room start throwing themselves at you. You push them away but they just have no self control. Pretty soon the ladies are pulling each others’ hair, scratching each others’ faces and biting each other… HARD!

What is it, exactly, that makes females get instantly wet between the thighs in the presence of apoker player?

  1. Poker players look good

Its effortless for a high roller. Throw on any sunglasses and your newest pair of shoes and you automatically look like a million dollars. Why? Because your looks are a reflection of your mindset. The poker mindset of relaxed confidence.

This mindset changes your posture and your entire facial expression. This mindset narrows your eyes to give you a piercing look, it sharpens your features and gives you an effortless sense of style.  These are the trademarks of high stakes poker players.

  1. Poker players take up space

Your body language says it all. The way you spread yourself out, the way you mark your territory. It doesn’t just intimidate your opponents, but it says to the opposite sex that here is a man of substance. Here’s a man who can lead an empire. The rare kind of man that’s worthy of respect.

  1. Poker players look you in the eye

Women rarely say what they mean, instead they speak in codes and riddles. By avoiding eye contact with women, most men let women get away with whatever stories they want to make up.

This is not the case with nosebleed poker players. Poker players are never afraid to look their fellow players directly in the eye. This kind of eye contact forces people to put up or shut up. It forces the ladies to confront or evade.

When you look a woman in the eye, it forces her to drop her mask and expose herself to you in a way that she wouldn’t normally do.

  1. Poker players take control

Women will say they want a “nice guy” for a boyfriend but what they really want is dominant man to lead the way.

Poker players are natural leaders, constantly shaping the world in their image and determining the fate of others.

This take-charge attitude signals to women that you are a king among men. It signals to her that you have excellent genes and the ability to provide for her. It activates within women the powerful mating instinct that makes her want you to breed her so she can make babies for you.

  1. Poker players make bold moves

The adrenaline rush is a powerful aphrodisiac. At the intersection of skill and chance is the bold move that can make or break your game. In that one moment you risk it all, and that willingness to put it all on the line is a rarity among men.

It’s what sets poker players apart in the eyes of women, it signals limitless confidence and the ability to withstand any challenge no matter how severe.

  1. Poker players can survive a bullet to the heart

High rolling poker players are as tough as nails and can take any number of insults, attacks and setbacks. This tough attitude grows quickly within the soul of the poker player and is strengthened each time they play. It has implications in all areas of their life from business to relationships

While many women claim to want a gentle and kind man, it’s always the tough guy that gets the girl.

Poker players are the ultimate tough guys.

  1. Poker players don’t chase, but are the ones being chased

A man of high status doesn’t need to chase money, luxuries or opportunities, much less women. Good things automatically come to hardcore poker players because they are favored by the arc of the universe.

The very laws of nature bend to serve poker players, and even the most sought-after woman will ignore all the legions of men running after her to pursue you instead.

You don’t have to lift a finger to get her attention. All you have to do is set back and relax.

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