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Why Play Poker On Khelo365.com

Why Play Poker On Khelo365.com

Alina📁articles🕔09.January 2017
Why Play Poker On Khelo365.com

Wondering why you should play online poker game on Khelo365? Let’s clear that up

I personally, would never ask anyone why they chose Khelo365 since i know our strengths very well and I am very proud of them. But for those who are not yet convinced, I’m pretty sure i can make you change your mind after reading this, so let me hold your arm and walk you through the reasons why Khelo365 is so special and different.

What you need for a good poker business? Well let’s name a few of the strong-points needed that are beneficial to you as well, not just to our business:

-Happy customers

-An unlimited passion for the field you are in

-Big, innovative, profitable for each player promotions

-Creative minds and ideas

-Desire to become the best and maintain yourself and your business as Number 1

-Human touch and emotion in every aspect of the business, a more personal approach towards the players

Now let’s discuss each of these points, starting with:


First of all, there is no successful business with unhappy customers. Our main focus and concern is your level of happiness. We are and will always be ready to do what is necessary for you to trust and lovewww.khelo365.comand we will always try to increase your happiness to a maximum level.


Everyone works better when they love what they do. Our Khelo365 team is full of enthusiastic, focused people who love their work.

The quality of your experiences will be amazing and of course everybody can feel the difference between a job done with passion and one done just to be completed.

Here at Khelo365 everything gets fired up, with our attention to detail, maximum involvement, and passion for providing an excellent online poker experience for you.



I don’t think I have to explain how or why our promotions will be beneficial for you but let’s have a small chat about this as well.

www.khelo365.comhas a number of awesome promotions from jackpots to huge tournaments and even freerolls. But what captured our players attention the most are our recent promotions “Hello 2017 Sleepless Nights In Pattaya, Thailand” and our next big promotion, an all expenses paid trip to Phuket, Thailand! We managed to come up with the perfect way to combine poker with fun and with the pleasure of traveling, offering you the opportunity to discover new experiences.

To win a trip to Phuket is super cool as it is but there’s more! Our current VIP Leaderboard prizes are: Mercedes Benz A-Class A200 D Sport, Honda City VX CVT, Maruti Swift ZDI, Renault KWID RXL, Gold Plated 7 Plus iPhones and Cash Bonus Prizes! I know, I have got your attention now…and I’m only at my 3rd point.

Our cash tables are always running so I’d say you should give a chance to your dreams of winning BIG!



Also extremely helpful in the previous point, a creative mind will always come up with new, fun ideas regarding anything. Khelo365 has a full network of creative minds, all put together for the same purpose: bringing you the best option that you can find in Online Indian Poker Market, promotions, new ways of having fun and any other improvement of our business.
Hang in there, only two more points left.



We would allwishto become number 1 in something, butliving for itis different. When you have a burning desire to achieve something and you also put all the necessary effort in it, nothing will be able to stop you and you will eventually get there. We have the desire, we love the hard work and we also have our CEO – Vinod Manoharan to always push us past our limits in order to get, own and deserve that 1st place.



When you add these two, you are taking it to another level. You will be ahead of any competition, you will define yourself better as a brand and you will be able to differentiate yourself from other cold, lifeless businesses with no human touch or emotions whatsoever. We are trying our best to do so and be able to approach our players in a direct and friendly way.

That’s exactly what our CEO, Mr. Vinod Manoharan requested from us since the very beginning of our collaboration. It is his vision for Khelo365 to become your next best friend and the provider of the best fun you can get, all in a glamorous style!

Vinod is a man who believes that everything is possible in this world and anything can be accomplished. His vision is why we are positive that there is no limit in what we can do, having him beside us, making it easy to provide the best experience for you!


I hope you enjoyed the article and hopefully you will now see through our eyes and understand us better.

I feel like I made my point, I’ll wait for you to become a part of Khelo365 club and who knows, maybe I’ll see you in Phuket.


For more details about our current promotion please visitwww.khelo365.com


I wish you all the love in the world and best of luck!

Bratu Alina Maria, Head of Customer Relations

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