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Why you should play Sit&Go Tournaments

Arjun📁articles🕔19.March 2018
Why you should play Sit&Go Tournaments

Our Sit&Go tournaments are one of the most popular and attractive things about Khelo365. Every week, thousands of poker players come together to play poker online in our Sit&Go tournaments and hope to win big. But what exactly is a Sit&Go tournament and why are they so popular? Let’s take a look.

What is aSit&Go tournament?

A Sit&Go tournament is one that does not have a predetermined start time, and merely starts when all the seats are full. The number of seats for every tournament is variable – we think six is the perfect number, ourselves! Players get a fixed buy-in and receive that amount in chips – if a player loses all of their chips, they are out of the tournament. Play continues until all players have been eliminated except for one, and that player wins the poker tournament.

So why are Sit&Go tournaments so popular? Here are a few of the reasons why Indian online poker players like them so much:

Lower time commitment

Compared to other online poker tournament formats, Sit&Go tournaments are much more accessible to people who have to fit these tournaments into their busy everyday schedules. The time commitment is much lower, which lets poker players join in who otherwise might not have been able to play for the duration of a longer tournament.

Easier payout

The payout structure of a Sit&Go means that it can be more lucrative and profitable for those players who don’t have much time. The cash benefits of one of these tournaments can vary, but the low time investment and low pool of players make it a very appealing option regardless. Thus it can be a worthwhile route to seek your winnings in Sit&Go tournaments.

More flexible

Because these tournaments don’t have a fixed time to begin, they have much more flexibility than other types of tournament – which are usually quite rigid in their structure, and you have to adhere to their schedule. Sit&Gos are more easygoing, and easier to accommodate if you’re not sure you can guarantee enough time to play a very long tournament.

A sneak peek at a final table

Because of its no-rebuy and player elimination rules, playing in a Sit&Go can give you a taste of what playing at the final table in a multi-table tournament is like. It’s sudden death and there might not be any bad moves but the excitement is still there. Sure, the stakes might not be as high as a typical final table but it’s still a taste of the big leagues and the inspiration you might need before getting there yourself someday!


Those were a few of the reasons why people choose to play Sit&Go tournaments so often when it comes to online poker in India. Don’t forget about ourWeekly Sit&Go leaderboardsthat give you a chance to win big before the cards evenhit the table!

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